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[8/10] Reviewed by Andy Grieser. "Best of all, the player can design coasters (as well as many other rides like log flumes). There's nothing quite so rewarding as listening to the screams of guests as the plummet five or six stories on your very own

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  • ESCmag - [8/10] Reviewed by Andy Grieser. "Best of all, rollercoaster tycoon the rollercoaster tycoon series player can design coasters (as well as rollercoaster tycoon many other rollercoaster tycoon series rides like log flumes). There\\'s nothing rollercoaster tycoon quite so rewarding rollercoaster tycoon series as listening to the screams rollercoaster tycoon of guests as the rollercoaster tycoon series plummet five or six rollercoaster tycoon stories on your very own
  • PC Gameworld - [94%] Reviewed by John Misak. "Microprose and Hasbro reviews and previews reviews and previews Interactive have come up with a winner here. reviews and previews reviews and previews This game is easy to play and a reviews and previews reviews and previews lot of fun."
  • Moby Games - [3.9/5] Reviewed by Rick Jones. "A terrific, classic rollercoaster tycoon series game any gamer will be addicted to."
  • - [5/5] Reviewed by Storm Daemon. "Sure to please with its rollercoaster tycoon large amount of things to do and design, this game rollercoaster tycoon has to be one of the best out there, not rollercoaster tycoon because of ground breaking graphical engines or anything like that, rollercoaster tycoon but rather because it is just pla
  • Game Revolution - [Grade "A" on Revolution Report Card] Reviewed by reviews and previews Ben Silverman. "It\\'s simple enough for a casual reviews and previews gamer to toy around with, yet has enough reviews and previews depth to keep the more hardcore geek glued reviews and previews to the screen."
  • GameSpot: RollerCoaster Tycoon - [8.6/10] Reviewed by Alan Dunkin. "RollerCoaster Tycoon is rollercoaster tycoon another fun management simulation from the mind of rollercoaster tycoon Chris Sawyer."
  • FiringSquad - [Editor\\'s Choice award] Reviewed by Bob Colayco. "Roller rollercoaster tycoon series Coaster Tycoon is an awesome game from top rollercoaster tycoon series to bottom."
  • Strategy Gaming Online - [9.0/10] Reviewed by Ed Sherman. "Pros: Insanely light-hearted fun. Easy reviews and previews to get into and incredibly addictive. Cons: The absence reviews and previews of a few features such as a 'free-form' mode."
  • GameOver - [92%] Reviewed by Mud. "FUN! Sums the entire reviews and previews game up in a nutshell. I have yet reviews and previews to get bored playing this game because of reviews and previews the diversity of the scenarios you are faced reviews and previews with." [90%] Reviewed by Phire. "It\\'s something you reviews and previews will definitely enjoy

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