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Site about Petz where you can adopt rare breedz. Show your dogz. Plus, you can play with them online before you decide to adopt them.

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See Also:
  • Westminster Kennels Society - Community site with shows and adoptions.
  • Sugar Kennelz - A dogz 4 site with adoptionz, showz, linkz, breedz and dogz series find-it.
  • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club - A Dogz Kennel Club (DKC) club just for tollers which are a very cute breed of dogz.
  • mb kennelz - Adopt breeding pairz and litterz here
  • Dogzmania - Visit this website to get a surprise dog.
  • Lite on Fire Dogz - Offers adoptions, litters, reviews, and links. Dogz 4.
  • Dapper Danes - Offers customized petz.
  • Jagged Theory Kennelz - Includes adoptions, downloads, shows, and links. Dogz 5.
  • Dazzling Danez and Dachshundz - Petz 4 site, dedicated to raising, breeding, and petz games showing petz games quality Great Danez and Dachshundz.
  • eLook - Quick summary of codes and cheats.
  • Rock & Rose Kennel - A tribute to Bulldogz, Boxerz, German Shepherdz and life games Great Danez linked to a show site.
  • WolfDog Central - A community site that shows and gives away dogz series SB, the WolfDog, bred from the Wolf Rylsk dogz series and P4P Husky.
  • Sunlight Kennels - A mostly dali breeding project.
  • Alisa's Fantastic Dogz Kennel - Offers adoptions by email, litters, and image galleries.
  • Foxy Kennels - Adoptions by email, litters, image galleries, tips, guestbook, dogz series and links.
  • Devoted To Danes - A large selection of downloadable danez.
  • Dogz Naturalist Shows - This site has a large number of shows for any petz games dog breed. There is a 2 dogz per person limit.
  • Husky Haven Community Centre - For virtual husky lovers together to show, share, talk about their huskiez and download the P4P Husky breed files for Dogz 4 and 5.
  • Petz 4 Ever - Includes adoptions and a breeding service.
  • Pawz 4 Petz Place and Rezortz - Exotic vacationz, weddingz and honeymoonz for dogz. Original life games and hexed dogz, husky, borzoi and lab litterz life games for adoption.
  • Ocean Pupz - Includes adoptions and painted dogz.
  • Dogz of Oz - Shows, fast adoptions, downloads and other cool stuff.
  • Eliptical - Hexed and natural litterz, adoptions, and website graphics. petz games For Dogz 4 and 5.
  • Petz Serenade Site - Adoptions, litters, and other activities.
  • Dream Dalis Kennelz - Adoptions, litterz, and showz.
  • White Water - Includes studs, bitches, adoptions and shows.
  • Little Starling's Kennelz - Unusual and unique dogz dreams and funeralz.
  • Emmz Petz - Site about Petz where you can adopt rare breedz. Show your dogz. Plus, you can play with them online before you decide to adopt them.
  • Simbusta's Adoptionz - Dogz 4 adoptions and a wide variety of dogz series downloadable petz games mixed breed dogz and associated breed files.
  • Mystic Kennelz - Includes adoptions, breederz, and showz.
  • The Petz Funhouse - Includes adoptions, contests, and a tag board.
  • Balinor Dog Rescue - Site with many dog varieties.
  • Dogz Kennel Club - Community registry and showz for virtual dogz.
  • Mixed Breed Club - An online registry for mixed breeds. Requires registration.
  • Sparkle Kennels - Dogz 4 site with many downloadable breeds (including petz games wolf, life games shiba inu, samoyed), litters, and adoptions.
  • Clear Water Kennelz - Includes shows, adoptions, hexed litters, and links.
  • Dapper Danes Petz - Unusual danes, natural and hexed litters available.
  • WildSpirit3004 - Includes adoptionz, litterz, showz, contests, and fun and petz games games.
  • 123 muttlies - Includes adoptions (singles and specialz), litterz (natural and hexed), cliques, and competitions.
  • Raintree Dogz - Site with breeding (to damez, sirez), adoptionz, litterz dogz series and life games features purebred Coton De Tulearz.
  • Sitopia - Dogz breeding kennel that specializes in long-haired chihuahuas dogz series and petz games English pointers.

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