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The online registry for dogz and catz. Also approves sites to host confirmation and obedience shows. Full listing of accepted breeds and breed files available.

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Petz Central* - Ubi Soft's official web site for all Petz. Offers news, product information, and support.

  • Dragonfly Kennels and Cattery - Shows and contests.
  • Rivendell - Includes downloads, adoptions, hexed petz, and shows for petz games Petz 4.
  • Petz 5 Kennel Club - Offers FAQs and links.
  • Heartland Shelters - Dedicated to finding homes for unwanted or abandoned simulation petz.
  • Obsidian Stud - Download unique petz, join the community, apply for life games a simulation free cyber petz web page, and visit life games the horsez simulation of Obsidian Stud.
  • Silver Moon Petz Cabaret - Breedz, litters, clothes, and adoption center.
  • The Second Chance Catz and Dogz Shelter - Adopt a pet or drop one off.
  • Magnolia Blossom Cattery - Includes shows, downloads, and WinAmp skins, along with a large FAQ file containing information designed to introduce new users to the online Petz community.
  • MB Kennelz and Cattery - Offers links, shows, and adoptions.
  • Friend for Life Kennels - Includes an adoption center and shows.
  • Lucy's Pet Palace - Offers downloads, shows, and adoptions.
  • Bible Petz - Downloadable adoptions, hexing guides, information, tips and pictures petz games of petz games the official Dogz Catz and Oddballz breeds.
  • Angel Cloud Petz - Offers adoptions of single animals or breeds, shows, and a gallery.
  • Blessed by Angels - Includes adoptions, downloads, hints and tips, shows, and petz games galleries.
  • Starlight Mist Kennelz and Cattery - Petz: Pet naming list, links, and image life games galleries
  • Katies Petz - Offers pictures and information for various breedz with free downloads.
  • Lindsey and Sari's Adoption Agency - Adoptions by email, selective breeding, guestbook, and shows.
  • Colorful Catz and Dogz - Includes links, adoptions, and shows.
  • The Petz Files - Petz 4 site featuring adoption page, hexies, showz, life games and life games news.
  • Odd-Petz - Offers information, hexed Oddballz breeds for Petz 1 to 5, wild breedz, clothes, toyz, tutorials, case skinz, and game demos.
  • Perdot's Petz Adoption Centre - Kittenz, catz, puppiez and dogz, free to good homez. Includes simulation full details and pictures. No hexed petz.
  • Horizon Quest - Shows, adoptions, litters and a Dachshund registry.
  • Drunken Petz Kennelz and Cattery - Downloadable adoptions, image galleries, litters by email, shows, and links.
  • Sparkplug - Offers adoptions, litters, shows, chat room, and message life games board.
  • Silver Springs Kennelz - Petz 3 Offers downloads, adoptions and links.
  • GoddessKitty Petz - Petz 4 site with adoptions and shows.
  • Petz Family Kennelz - Petz 3/4/5: Offers adoptions by e-mail and download, simulation breeding, shows, information, and links.
  • Misty Fall Kennelz and Cattery - Petz 5 site with shows, adoptions, breed files, petz games and games. Specializes in Dalmations, Australian Shepherds, petz games and Maine Coons.
  • Petz Island - Adoptions, shows, services, jobs, awards, links, surprise petz, simulation newborn page, and guardians.
  • Tie-Dye Petz - Adoptions by email, litters, hints, tips, members area, petz games guestbook, and links.
  • Paint Box Kennelz and Cattery - Includes adoptions, litters, shows, contests, and links.
  • Briar Wood Stablez - Horsez information including dressage, showmanship, a stud farm simulation and mare simulation barn.
  • Rainbow Kennelz - Offers adoptions by email, shows, image galleries, and vet service.
  • Petz Kennel Club - The online registry for dogz and catz. Also petz games approves sites to host confirmation and obedience shows. petz games Full listing of accepted breeds and breed petz games files available.
  • Planet Petz - New breedz and adoptionz for Petz4.
  • SIA Kennel Club - An online registry for dogz and catz. Conformation shows, breed simulation clubs, and obedience.
  • A-Z Petz - Petz 3/4: Downloadable adoptions, hexed breeds, playscenes, petz games and links.
  • J.C. Reviews - Petz site community reviews. Includes a submission form simulation and list petz games of criteria.
  • Petz 'R' Us - Includes adoptions, shows, studs, and dames.
  • Blue Sky Petz - Includes adoptions, information, and shows.
  • Aqua Petz Home - Includes adoptions, tips, and links.
  • Benji's Petz and Oddballz - See pictures of Petz and Oddballz on holiday in Hawaii, simulation Oahu and Back-to-School Pictures.
  • Woodland Park - Information on selective breeding, tutorials and tips.
  • Natuzzi - Specialising in Doberdalis. Includes showz, litterz, gamez, abuse simulation bannerz, and guardianz.
  • Caprice - Offers dogz and catz adoptions.

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