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Turned based military strategy game for Windows in which you control a nation. Your goal is to unite the world under your rule, upon conquering all the other states.

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  • L-O-C - Turn-based strategy game with some strong RPG elements, based on strategy a game by Julian Gollop. Runs under MS-DOS, Windows and strategy Linux by using an Atari emulator. (Open Source, GNU GPL)
  • Overlord '44 - Overlord \\'44 is a 3D real-time strategy game free about the downloads D-Day landings. You will command either free the Allies trying to downloads get further inland or free the Axis trying to repel the downloads Allies.
  • Boson - A real-time Linux strategy game for two players. free (Open Source, free GNU GPL)
  • Civil - A cross-platform, turn-based, networked strategy game, developed using Python, Pygame strategy and SDL for scenarios set during the American Civil war. strategy [Open Source]
  • The General - Turned based military strategy game for Windows in which you downloads control a nation. Your goal is to unite the downloads world under your rule, upon conquering all the other states.
  • C-evo - Turn-based empire building strategy game for Windows. (Open Source)
  • Scorched Island 3D - Combines tactics from popular game Scorch and elements downloads from RPG free games for DOS or Linux.
  • The Battle for Wesnoth - A turn-based game with a fantasy theme. Includes download, project information, FAQs and manual, screenshots, and a forum. (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)
  • The Colonization II Project - Project to create an alternative sequel to the free turn-based strategy strategy game Colonization by Sid Meier.
  • CivQuest - Turn-based Civilization clone written in Java. (Open Source, downloads GNU GPL)
  • Marbles - Create figures out of single marbles. One-way free streets, crumbling free walls and portals make the task free interesting. (Linux)
  • Pocket Civ - Turn-based Civilization clone for Palm OS.
  • Castle Combat - A clone of Rampart for Linux. Two players strategy build castle free walls, place cannons inside these walls, strategy and shoot at the free walls of their enemies.
  • - Contains "Santa\'s Snowy Workshop" available for download. [Windows free All]
  • Glest - Single player, 3D, realtime strategy for Windows with free up to strategy three computer opponents.
  • FreeRails - Multiplayer real-time strategy game inspired by Railroad Tycoon and Railroad downloads Tycoon II. Written in both C++ and Java. (Open Source, downloads GNU GPL)
  • Crimson Fields - Describes tactical war game for Linux or FreeBSD free in the downloads tradition of Battle Isle. Two players free command their units on downloads a map of hexagons, free trying to defend important locations to downloads destroy all free enemy forces. (Open Source)
  • Emperor of the Fading Suns: Hyperion - A patch by Matt Caspermeyer for the turn-based downloads game. Includes download, documentation, tutorials, and a forum.
  • Planetasia - Space strategy game for Windows.
  • Continents - Turn based sprites with random map generation and downloads sound.
  • Boa game - A multi-player clone of the worm(6). Includes, server, downloads client, and downloads bot. Source can be compiled downloads for SGI, Linux, Sun downloads or Gnuwin32.
  • Attal: Lords of Doom - Turn-based strategy game for Linux in which you downloads control bases strategy and manage fighting lords.
  • Pizza Business - Control pizza restaurants, limited to a budget. free Includes downloads downloads and news.
  • Cult - Using negotiation and trade, one must resolve a situation involving cultists barricaded in a villa two kilometers away from town. (Windows)
  • Crown and Cutlass - A 3D pirate game in the spirit of the old Pirates! game.
  • Trackballs - Marble simulation based on the 80\\'s classic "Marble Madness". You strategy steer a marble through obstacles to finish level on Linux strategy or Windows. [Open source, GPL]
  • Babala - Logic game using mines to defeat computer controlled downloads players. strategy Includes client download and instructions with downloads screenshots.

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