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Clans for Age of Empires and Rise of Rome particapating in tournaments and team games to improve the overall standard of their clan.

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See Also:
  • Age of Empires page - Home of the Nereto Clan.
  • Fight With Honour - Multi-game clan, news, members, background, fora, and history.
  • Disciples of Death - News, members, joining instructions, forum, chatroom, and background game information.
  • Lords - Allies, enemies, members, awards, joining instructions, and a age of empires series members only area.
  • Lady Amazon Clan - All female clan, site includes news, joining instructions, links, and artwork.
  • MAD Clan - News, members, allies, enemies, and joining instructions.
  • Shark Clan - Gaming clan, site includes member details and an e-mail contact age of empires address.
  • JNS_ZX_Clan - Information on an MSN Gaming Zone-based clan.
  • Strength to the Hen Clan - Gives clan statistics and membership list and information.
  • Jade Falcon - Clan details, joining instructions, code of conduct, and clans and guilds members.
  • Paladinz Clan - MSN Gaming Zone clan, news, members, message board, allies, enemies, downloads, ranks, and competitions.
  • Burning Clan - A clan that plays on the Zone. News, age of empires age of empires series members, forum, strategies, joining information, and downloads.
  • Stealth Clan - Age of Empires cheats, clan news, members, wars, age of empires age of empires series series and joining instructions.
  • Sir-clan - Has hints, a memberlist, downloads, and cheats.
  • Jet Falcon - Official site for the clan including a member list and age of empires joining instructions.
  • World Domination - A Rise of Rome trial version clan. Members, clans and guilds age of empires series clans, joining instructions, downloads, tips, and screenshots.
  • The Punic Clan - Rise of Rome Random Map International Clan.
  • Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) - Well established Age of Empires clan on the Zone; members, history, diplomacy, clan wars, links, and news.
  • Clan 187 - Short description of their history as well as member listings, age of empires downloads, and links.
  • Crazelot Clan - News, rules, forum, help, and joining instructions.
  • Unknown One - Members, allies, enemies, screenshots, civilizations, technologies. Looking for clans and guilds age of empires new members.
  • Maximum Carnage - News, members, joining instructions, and tournaments. Requires the Flash clans and guilds plugin.
  • The Master Empire [TME] Clan - Age of Empires clan on the zone. News, background, and tryouts.
  • Canadian Clan - A Canadian Clan devoted to playing all games in the age of empires series.
  • Wargods - Deathmatch clan, site includes a member list and joining instructions.

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