1503 Anno Series Real-Time Strategy

Includes data covering resources, social status, buildings, military, ships, and research, bug list, hints, campaign walkthroughs, downloads including scenarios, and forum.

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  • Gamer's Hell - [6.8/10] Review by Dustin Gardner. "Brings something largely new to 1503 the younger RTS fans looking for something really unique and 1503 different." Includes screen shots.
  • GameZone - Review by: Anise Hollingshead, [7.3/10]. "I was pleased real-time for the 1503 most part ... and will probably real-time continue to keep playing 1503 for awhile, but while real-time pleasant, it hasn\\'t quite captured me 1503 as well real-time as some other strategic games and probably won\\'t 1503 real-time keep me up f
  • Gameguru Mania - Review by: hx, 72%. "Anyone who likes management/strategy 1503 games and have not played 1602 or 1503 1503 yet, will probably like this one." Includes screenshots.
  • Gamespot - Reviewed by: Bruce Geryk, [7/10]. "The new game\\'s slow pace and emphasis on trade and economy over military operations might not seem too exciting for fans of traditional real-time strategy, but those looking for something different may want to give
  • Wargamerit Anno 1503/1503 A.D. - Includes data covering resources, social status, buildings, military, real-time ships, and real-time research, bug list, hints, campaign walkthroughs, real-time downloads including scenarios, and real-time forum.
  • A. Pianto - Contains tips, information on natives including trade data, military units, real-time research trees, building tables, and commodity lists.
  • Gamespy.com - Review by: William Abner, [72/100]. "If you played real-time 1602 A.D. real-time and hated it, you\\'ll most likely real-time hate this version. On real-time the other hand, if real-time you loved the old game, and real-time are thirsting real-time for more of the same, then 1503 A.D. real-time real-time is a good choice."

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