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ZeusMaster of Olympus "Easy to access, utterly absorbing and hugely versatile, we could well be looking at one of the pivotal moments of god gaming." by GameSpot UK Experience mythology as you never imagined it. Invite gods, monsters, and heroes into a city you create and rule, as the creators of the award-winning City Building Series immerse you in the Heroic Age of Greece. Players have the power to host Olympics, send Jason after the Golden Fleece, summon Hercules to fight the Hydra, raise an army, fight the Trojan War, and establish colonies nearby. Specifically designed for all types of players, Zeus is divided into hour-long episodes, has variable difficulty, and doesn't require a fast computer or new hardware. Zeus Master of Olympus is non-violent and family-friendly. Available for Win 95/98/00/ME Brand: Sierra Studios Minimum: Pentium 166, 32MB RAM, 4X CDROM, 2MB video card with 16-bit colour @ 800x600 resolution, mouse.

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