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Pages in English language dedicated to Dark Reign, a strategy game published by Activision.

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See Also:
  • Activision Staff Strategies - Includes tips and tricks specified by Activision staff strategy members, like real-time John Heineke or Josh Resnick.
  • GameSpot's Guide to Dark Reign - Created by P. Stefan Janicki, the guide offers real-time useful information about the strategy suitable to use real-time when playing this game. Includes data about the real-time Freedom Guard, the Imperium and the Extra Units.
  • Dark Reign Cheats and Hints - Cheats and hints for Dark Reign, provided by strategy Game Revolution. strategy Offers advice for Death Blow Level. strategy Includes a cheat used strategy in order to make strategy all missions available.
  • Dark Reign - Dark Reign: "The Future of War" is Auran\\'s first published game and was released in September 1997.
  • The Dark Reign Database - Includes several guides related to game units, history and tactics. dark reign series The Shadowhand section is under construction.
  • Cheat Code Central - Provides cheats for Dark Reign: The Future Of dark reign series dark reign series War. Includes instructions for a hidden level, as dark reign series dark reign series well as instructions in order to select any dark reign series dark reign series mission.

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