Europa Universalis II Europa Universalis Series Real-Time Strategy

Reviewed by Bruce Geryk [90/100]. "If this game doesn't make history fun for you, nothing will." Includes screen shots.

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Paradox Interactive Forums* - Official discussion forum provides tech support, FAQ’s, gaming and modification tips.

  • Wisk's EU2Map Editor - Offers map editing program with few modified maps.
  • The Holy World Factbook - Tool that creates snapshots from saved games similar format to europa universalis series CIA Factbook.
  • Strategy First - Contains features and screenshots.
  • Crazy Ivan's Europa Universalis 2 - Home of MyMAP mod which includes modified map europa universalis ii with new land provinces.
  • Europa Universalis II - Asia Chapters - Official site for Asian expansion which brings new futures such as more provinces to Asia and turtle ship for Korea, page also offers screenshots and trailers.
  • Domain of Lord Ederon - Provides programs for editing and modifying EU2 like europa universalis ii AI editor and Hexa wizard includes screenshot gallery.
  • Moctezuma EU2 Scenario Utilities - Offers download of modification tools unlimited time patch, real-time technology effects real-time editor and scenario generator.
  • inferis's Magellan - Utility for editing EU2 map. Provides information\\'s for those who europa universalis series want to decipher EU2 map files and maps of other europa universalis series Paradox games.
  • IGN - Reviewed by: Jason Bates, score 9/10. "The empires europa universalis series real-time strike back."
  • EU2wiki - This wiki site provides guides to playing and europa universalis ii europa universalis ii modding of EU2.
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by Royce Brainard, score: 4-1/2 out of 5.
  • - Reviewed by Bruce Geryk [90/100]. "If this game europa universalis series europa universalis ii doesn\\'t make history fun for you, nothing will." europa universalis series europa universalis ii Includes screen shots.
  • GameZone - Reviewed by Michael Lafferty [8.3/10]. "This is a europa universalis ii terrific genre game." Includes screen shots.
  • Havard's EU Editing Empire - Offers detailed scenario editing guide and information\'s on real-time general editing.
  • Chad's Europa Universalis II Utilities - Offers savefile daemon and syntax checker for EU2 europa universalis ii real-time files (monarch, leader or event) available on-line.
  • GameShark: Hand-Held First Look - Preview of the hand-held version of the game.
  • GameSpot - Reviewed by Sam Parker [8.5/10]. Features screen shots, europa universalis ii gameplay movies, cheat codes, FAQs, and downloadable patches.

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