Reviews and Previews KnightShift Real-Time Strategy

Preview with screen shots. "As I played through the early version of the game, I found myself pretty impressed by the game's graphics."

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  • GameSpy - Preview with screen shots. "As I played through knightshift the early real-time version of the game, I found knightshift myself pretty impressed by real-time the game's graphics."
  • ActionTrip - [70/100] Review by Ure Paul. "...[A]n interesting and real-time brave endeavor..." Includes screen shots, movies, and system real-time requirements.
  • GameGuru Mania - Review with screen shots. Score: 76%
  • WorthPlaying Preview: KnightShift - Includes screen shots.
  • Computer Games - Preview. "The care for details is sometimes impressive..." Includes screen shots. [English/Romanian]
  • Gameguru Mania Preview: KnightShift (PC) - "KnightShift feels really great and it\\'s really damn real-time challenging and reviews and previews addictive game." Includes screen shots.
  • Gamers Hell Preview - Preview by: Bucky. "Graphically, the game is very appealing!" Includes real-time screenshots.
  • ToTheGame Preview: KnightShift - By Justin Fenico. "After completing the demo I felt that knightshift KnightShift isn\\'t offering anything truly new in the RPG/RTS department..." knightshift Includes screen shots.
  • Preview: KnightShift - By Steve Butts. "The game makes an interesting real-time shift then real-time between the solo RPG adventures and real-time the more RTS-driven gameplay." real-time Includes screen shots.

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