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  • Bosh-Kel Collective - Includes news, treaties and relations with other empires, space empires iii space empires series and ship information.
  • Aquilae Federation - Includes empire history, news, ship information, and treaties. space empires iii space empires series Also includes game tips.
  • United Socialist Republic - Includes news, history, treaties, and information.
  • Archammer Empire - Includes diplomacy information, fleets, and news.
  • Ly'Yte Empire - Offers ship graphics.
  • The Terran Confederacy - Previously known as the Unified Terran Empire. Includes ships and space empires iii news.
  • Ri'Chex Empire - A League of Empires member. Includes news, empire space empires series status, and a gallery.
  • The Amaru Commonwealth - Includes a history, fleet specifications, and specific empire space empires iii empires policy information.
  • Ramtan Empire - Includes news, downloads, and ships.

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