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Brood War is the expansion to StarCraft. It contains new units, spells, abilities, maps, and storylines.

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Editor's Picks:

StarCraft: Brood War* - Official site with information on new additions to the game.

  • - Competitive ladder focused on 1v1 and team competition.
  • - League competition with multiple divisions.
  • International Cyber Cup - Ladder,, based on individual and team competition.
  • BWChart - Tools with uses such as in-game coaching, the windows ability to starcraft add audio to replays, and a windows replay analyzer.
  • Wikipedia: BroodWar - General information.
  • Fighter Replays - Upload and Share StarCraft: BroodWar Replays
  • BW Programmers - Forum boards focused on the development of tools windows and 3rd party programs.

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