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News and rumours for the upcoming release. Features a blog and bommunity. A site for the fans by the fans.

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StarCraft II* - Official site includes screenshots, artwork, trailers, and news.

  • Wikipedia - Article describing the plot, gameplay, units, and development.
  • - News and coverage, with focus on English video real-time commentary of competitive matches.
  • StarcraftWire.Net - News, interviews, screenshots, videos, guides and forums
  • Starfeeder - Tournament competitions, coverage and community discussion.
  • - News coverage, videos and screenshots.
  • Team Liquid - Forum discussions regarding speculation and new information, with starcraft ii extra focus on professional gaming.
  • Nuclear Launch Detected - News coverage blog.
  • - Official forums include community speculation, discussion, input, Blizzard developer Q&As and other information releases.
  • Starcraft Source - This website provides a comprehensive guide to all real-time the SC2 content out now, as well as real-time a discussion forum.
  • - Portal containing screenshots and unit information.
  • StarCraft II Asia - An unofficial forum with news, discussion about issues and updates, real-time races, units and balance, strategical, tactical and map specific guides, real-time media, maps, and videos.
  • Starcraft 2 Center - News and rumours for the upcoming release. Features starcraft series a starcraft series blog and bommunity. A site for the starcraft series fans by starcraft series the fans.
  • - News coverage and information updates.
  • Starcraft 2 Site - Fan page contains news in a blog-style format. real-time Also contains starcraft ii pictures.
  • - News information and coverage.
  • Starcraft Legacy - This is one of the top Starcraft websites, starcraft ii with real-time a great community to discuss the upcoming starcraft ii Sequel.
  • - General forum discussion.
  • - News coverage, blogs, forum discussion and game information.

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