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Review by Tim Lewinson, A. "Startopia succeeds in not only being a fun game, but a funny game."

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  • IGN - Review by Dan Adams, 9/10. "Forget this job reviews and previews man, I'm gonna go run a space station."
  • GameZone - Review by Michael Lafferty, 85%. "The first things real-time that will draw you into this world are real-time the graphics and audio portions of the program. real-time Once that bit of fluff becomes the ordinary, real-time you will realize that this is a well-crafted real-time game."
  • Ars Technica - Review by Carl Salminen, 8/10. "Startopia is simple reviews and previews yet deep. It's also fun, engaging and addictive."
  • GameSpy - Review by Scott Osborne, 85%. "If you can reviews and previews real-time patiently puzzle it out, Startopia can offer a reviews and previews real-time wacky and engaging futuristic sim experience."
  • GameSpot - Review by Ron Dulin, 83%. "It\\'s a testament to Startopia\\'s fundamentally sound design and attractive presentation that you\\'ll enjoy it despite the fact that, at times, it\'ll make you feel slightly alienated."
  • - Review by James Allen, 5/5. "The attention to startopia detail is really what makes Startopia shine, and, startopia along with superb graphics and pleasurable features, makes startopia it a must-have for any gamer."
  • GameOver - Review by Rorschach, 90%. "Unique, gutsy, and yes, a heck real-time of a lot of fun."
  • ActionTrip - Review by Dejan Grbavcic, 80%. "Startopia is very playable and real-time is sure to get your attention. However, the relatively small real-time number of mission, and the occasionally dull atmosphere may cause real-time that attention to become short-lived."
  • Game Revolution - Review by Brian Gee, B+. "But with plenty reviews and previews reviews and previews of control, tons of humor and great visuals, reviews and previews reviews and previews Startopia turns out to be an awesome experience reviews and previews reviews and previews in space."
  • Gaming Age - Review by Tim Lewinson, A. "Startopia succeeds in real-time not only real-time being a fun game, but a real-time funny game."

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