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By: Duncan Turner, [7/10]. "Submarine Titans will stay fresh for a long time with the map generator, different value settings, and the management programs, but there aren't many other players to challenge online."

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  • - By: Tim McConnaughy, [79/100]. "If you\\'re looking for a decent reviews and previews RTS that\\'s different than the others, Submarine Titans is a reviews and previews good bet."
  • - By: Duncan Turner, [7/10]. "Submarine Titans will stay real-time fresh for reviews and previews a long time with the map real-time generator, different value settings, reviews and previews and the management programs, real-time but there aren\\'t many other players reviews and previews to challenge real-time online."
  • GameSpot - By: Greg Kasavin, [5.2/10]. "Since its production values real-time aren\\'t commendable either, there remains little about the real-time game that's worthwhile."
  • The Gamers Temple - 68%. "Strategy gamers might enjoy the game\\'s novel reviews and previews setting, but its quirks and shortcomings may prove reviews and previews to be frustrating."
  • The Electronic Playground - By: Enid Burns, [6/10]. "In theory, this should submarine titans have reviews and previews been a good game and had some submarine titans high expectations, reviews and previews but in practice, it should probably submarine titans dive back to reviews and previews the depths from which is submarine titans came, and resurface after reviews and previews a few of the submarine titans flaws have been leaked out."

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