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By: Nikola Zakic, [87/100]. "All the aspects of a potential winner, but it lacks decent 'package and makeup.'" Also has screenshots.

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  • - By: Will Lally, [88/100]. "Another WWII game. Original? reviews and previews sudden strike No. Fun? YES!!!"
  • - By: Michael Lafferty, [8/10]. "With fast-paced action, Sudden Strike is a terrific intro into the world of RTS war games."
  • Sudden Strike Forever - By: Mark H. Walker, [85/100]. "This game is sudden strike realistic real-time enough to satisfy the wargamers among us, sudden strike and exciting real-time enough to satisfy the most jaded sudden strike real-time strategy gamer." real-time Includes screenshots.
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by John Breeden. Score: 4-1/2 out of sudden strike 5.
  • - By: Stephen Butts, [8.1/10]. "Despite some minor annoyances, this Second reviews and previews World War strategy game really delivers."
  • GameSpot - Reviewed by: Bruce Geryk, [5.6/10]. "Manages to evoke sudden strike the real-time atmosphere of World War II, but this sudden strike atmosphere is real-time all that's going for it."
  • Game Revolution - Reviewed by: C. Joshua Villines, [B-]. "Even if sudden strike you sudden strike are not a fan of the period sudden strike or prefer sudden strike more traditional RTS games, you will sudden strike probably find that sudden strike the challenges offered by the sudden strike diverse campaigns will suck sudden strike in more of your sudden strike time than you expected."
  • ActionTrip - By: Nikola Zakic, [87/100]. "All the aspects of reviews and previews real-time a potential winner, but it lacks decent \\'package reviews and previews real-time and makeup.'" Also has screenshots.
  • GameOver - Reviewed by: Fwiffo, 78%. "When all things are real-time said and reviews and previews done, Sudden Strike is a solid real-time game and a great reviews and previews introduction for those who real-time are tired of the mindless carnage reviews and previews in RTS real-time titles but aren\\'t ready to cut their teeth reviews and previews real-time yet in hardcore wargaming."

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