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A clan and/or guild is a group of players that have formed a sort of team to play a multiplayer version of a game. They often play together, helping each other to improve. Clans often compete against each other, whether informally, as an impromptu match, or in organized leagues and tournaments. These are clans focusing on WarCraft III and resources relating to clans and clan events.

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See Also:
  • Clan Terror - Includes a member list, general information, and downloads.
  • TeaM-FroZeN - Includes recruiting information, roster, links, maps, forums, chat, polls, replays clans and guilds and tournaments.
  • Blood Alliance - A clan on the Azeroth (USEast) server.
  • The Sacred Order - Includes information, forum, strategies, and links.
  • Infernal Night Elf Skeleys - Includes news, screenshots, and a member list.
  • Reapers in Power - Includes information, game strategies, downloads, and links. Mainly plays warcraft iii - reign of chaos the Undead race.
  • We Deal Death Clan (WDDC) - Provides rules, a member list, and tournament records clans and guilds warcraft iii - reign of chaos and information.
  • Blood Brethren Clan - Offer general member and contact information.
  • Shock The World - Offers rules, a member list, and strategies.
  • Elite Assassins - Includes clan and game information, tournaments, strategy, maps, other files clans and guilds for download, and links.
  • Famous Playaz Clan - Features clan news, rules, and tournament information. Also warcraft series has warcraft series game ladders and member lists.
  • Clan Dragon - Has member rules, joining information, and a member list.
  • Clan Phnx - Offers membership information, replay downloads, and a member warcraft series list.
  • rhHZ - Includes replays, forums, and a roster. Playing warcraft iii - warcraft iii - reign of chaos reign of chaos in the 'Azeroth Ladder'.
  • Clan CBS - Modding clan. Includes news, discussion forums, and custom clans and guilds map and mapping resources download.
  • Waiting for Starcraft - Includes information, forum, and links.
  • Dark Fusion Clan - A clan in search of mature and decently warcraft series skilled warcraft iii - reign of chaos members. Also offers a few maps.
  • Areostars - Includes information, files, and replays.
  • Shadow Warriors - Includes information, replays, maps, and a message board.
  • The Horadrims - Includes a member list, forum, and rules.
  • Ark Angels - Features news, a member list, and rules.
  • Legions of Middle Earth Clan - Provides clan information, map downloads, screenshots, and a warcraft series member warcraft iii - reign of chaos list.

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