Battle Isle 2220 - Shadow of the Emperor Battle Isle Series Turn-Based Strategy

In this turn-based strategy game, precision, tactical skill and careful planning are needed to ensure victory. Units have to be built, fueled and maintained. Defensive positions must be created and efficient supply lines established. The various terrain and changing weather conditions you'll encounter on 20 different maps must be taken into consideration to avoid disaster. Only the player who considers all these elements will be able to lead their troops through 40 missions to victory. There are 64 different types of units available to carry out the missions and up to 400 of these can be maneuvered simultaneously on a map. Over an hour of video sequences will immerses you in the history of the conflict and provide you with valuable strategic information. Twelve different multi-player maps are included allowing up to six LAN players on PCs linked by Novell or Windows networks.

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