Risk Browser Based Turn-Based Strategy

Risk, a game of territory conquering, was originally released in board version by Hasbro. This category includes links to sites for or about browser based versions of the original game.

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See Also:
  • LandGrab - Web-based strategy game with many extra features such as custom risk maps, teams, leaders and fortresses.
  • Dominate - Offers moderated gameplay, a ranking system, game documentation, turn-based and a browser based discussion forum. [Membership required for some turn-based features.]
  • CleverMedia: World Conquest - A Shockwave version of a classic strategy game.
  • Global Combat - A variant where turns are taken simultaneously. Offers browser based a browser based player manual, rankings, and online gameplay.
  • Conquer Club - Free multiplayer variation of the board game. Offers risk player rankings, risk alternative maps, individual and team games, risk and a community.
  • World at War - Play this turn-based game with 22 maps, including browser based Risk\'s turn-based classic map.
  • Warfish - An online, by invitation only Risk based game which uses risk a dynamically created image for board display.

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