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Modification pack with a newer version for the Fantastic Worlds add-on and an older one for the original version of the game.

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Mercator's Civilization 2 Site* - Large database of scenarios, maps, graphics and other files. Scenario making guides.
Scenario League* - Scenario files and utilities, also instructions and advice for scenario makers.

  • Civ II Deity Page - Several downloadable scenarios and sample games, advice for playing on civilization games Deity difficulty level.
  • Research Planner - Explanations of the science tree of the game and a turn-based program to determine the research possibilities in the future.
  • Civilization II Newsgroup Information - The FAQ and charter for and a civilization games large civilization games strategy guide.
  • The Nest of Birdilization - Website of a fictional bird theme modification pack.
  • Steiner's Homepage - The designer\'s personal repository for his scenarios and maps.
  • Civilization II Emperors Domain - Strategy guide and a collection of assorted scenarios, civilization ii maps turn-based and graphics.
  • Apolyton Civilization Site - Downloads, tips, strategies, stories, links and forums. Also has a turn-based page about tournaments.
  • Civilization Essay - Essay about Civilization II and its discontents.
  • Robert Steven's Civilization II Page - Home of the modification pack created by the owner of the site. Detailed information about the modpack and its effects.
  • Civilization II units - Collection of unit graphics with over 500 units civilization ii available.
  • Analysis of Civ2 - A mathematical analysis of how the game works civilization ii with turn-based the use of algebra.
  • Greg's Civ2 Page - Tips about units, governments and city management. Small strategy section.
  • Brave New World - Modification pack with a newer version for the Fantastic Worlds civilization ii add-on and an older one for the original version of civilization ii the game.
  • Classic Civilization Home Page - Personal site with a small collection of selfmade civilization games Civ civilization ii II MGE and FW scenarios.
  • GameFAQs - Collection of several text file FAQs and guidelines about strategies, turn-based units, editing and diplomacy.
  • CivMapGen - Utility for generating and analysing random maps.
  • The Arabic Civilization II Site - Repository of Arabia related scenarios made by the site owner and miscellaneous scenarios. Also available graphics.
  • Civilización Hispánica - Personal website with files available for download. Several maps, scenarios turn-based and graphics.
  • History of Civilization - Collection of downloadable utilities. Also has reviews and league links.
  • Tour Eiffel Civ 2 Site - Several sophisticated modification packs available for download.
  • Hodadian Award Central - Howardian Award scenario design contests information.
  • Civilization II CheckPoint - Fan site with a collection of maps, scenarios civilization ii and turn-based other related files. Also has a small civilization ii strategy section.
  • Original Civilization II Scenarios - Historical scenarios created by Bryan Caplan and Matthew civilization ii Schwartz. Uncompressed file downloads.
  • War Gallery - Website for scenarios created by Alex and Captain turn-based Nemo.
  • Temple of Gaming - Information about the game and homespun scenarios.
  • Civ 2 Arcade Game Units - Collection of unit graphics from different video games.
  • CivMania - Wast archive of scenarios, maps, modification packs and civilization games other gadgets with descriptions available for download. Some civilization games files are missing.
  • Civilization II Fanatics' Center - Strategy guidelines, timelines, ranking information, image gallery, downloads civilization games and turn-based forums for discussions related to the title.
  • HiRes - Website of the HiRes modpack. Feature and readme turn-based information.
  • Civilization II Tribe Editor - Website of a tribe editing utility. Download section with the utility and tribe information files.
  • Al's Civilization Web Page - Detailed game play documentation with strategies and hints.
  • The New Civ2 Site - Fansite with several scenarios and modification packs.
  • The Spoiler Centre - Civilization 2 - Strategy FAQ by Edward Kenworthy.
  • In Omnia Paratus - Tutorial that guides the player through one game. turn-based Also available a strategy guide with information about turn-based units and governments.
  • Aaron's Lame Page - The creator\\'s site for Civilization Rules Editor, a civilization games small utility for editing the game rules.
  • The Art of War - Strategy guides for several scenarios.
  • Surf City - Collection of reviewed scenarios, maps and modification packs. turn-based Also available several utilities for editing.
  • AXAR Team - Contains several space scenarios and a "1940" scenario.
  • Civilization Scenario Collection - Website with a collection of scenarios organised by subject.
  • Civilization II Crack by Xapovtas and Steve166 - Two utilities for tweaking the cheat mode and turn-based displaying the civilization ii Hall of Fame ranking list without turn-based running the game.
  • The Swedish Civilzation II Site - Fan site with downloadable historical Swedish and various other scenarios.
  • John Ellis's Civilization Scenarios - Repository for all scenario designs by John Ellis.
  • Blakes Sanctum - Fan site with the site owner\\'s Star Wars scenario and turn-based information related to it.
  • McKnight's Civilization II - Offers a variety of historical scenarios.
  • The Superior Civilization II Web Page - Collection of 16 scenarios for the original version of the title.
  • Indalciv2 - Repository site with scenario creations by Henrik Lohmander, Vegard Bjørketun civilization games and Jesús Muñoz.
  • Carl's Scenarios for Civilization II - Fan site dedicated to scenario creating. Design help, utilities, scenarios and a small collection of unit graphics.
  • Luke's Civilization II Page - Small site with several maps and scenarios available civilization games for download.
  • The Spanish Civilization Site - Collection of scenarios that reflect the history of Spain.

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