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Reviewed by Garret Romaine, scoring 10/10. "Far be it from me to come off as a curmudgeon, complaining in any way, shape or form about this gift from Sid Meier."

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  • GameSpy - Reviewed by Mark H. Walker, scoring 93. "If you play one turn-based game this life, play Civilization III."
  • The Gamers' Temple - Rating 88%. "At its best, Civilization III is civilization games addicting reviews and previews and enjoyable."
  • - Reviewed by Tim Partlett, rated with 5 stars. reviews and previews civilization games "I would highly recommend this game to anyone reviews and previews civilization games but the most ardent haters of turn-based strategy, reviews and previews civilization games and even those may be pleasantly surprised."
  • ActionTrip - Reviewed by Branislav Babovic, rated 92 and awarded as Editor\\'s Choice. "Civilization III has to offer infinite possibilities and extreme replay value."
  • - Reviewed by "Xeno", overall scoring 73%. "I hope that Sid Meier is working on Civilization 4 and that this will be the real sequel, the real successor for Civilization 2, with real improvements and new features."
  • FiringSquad - Reviewed by Terence Wong, scoring 96% and awarded civilization iii as Editor\\'s Choice. "There\\'s only two things you civilization iii need to take away from this review: Civilization civilization iii III is good. Go buy it."
  • ESC Magazine - Reviewed by Garret Romaine, scoring 10/10. "Far be it from me to come off as a curmudgeon, complaining in any way, shape or form about this gift from Sid Meier."
  • WomenGamers.Com - Reviewed by Chris Lepley, total rating 7.2/10. "Sure I play civilization iii it for hours at a time, but that\\'s more due civilization iii to "one-more-turn" syndrome than to the game itself."
  • Gameguru Mania - Reviewed by "hx", scoring 85%. "Civilization III is definitely a civilization games great game which offer[s] infinite possibilities and extreme replay value."
  • Science Fiction Weekly - Reviewed by Eric T. Baker, rating A+. "Sid Meier\\'s Civilization III is one of those rare games that is more than worth the money."
  • - Rated with 4,5 stars. "[Civ III] will keep you up all night long and make you wish you could skip work."
  • GameOver - Reviewed by "Rorschach", rating 92%.
  • GameZone - Reviewed by "immortal", scoring 9,1. "If you don\\'t mind an civilization games almost complete lack of action, and a definite focus on civilization games strategy and planning three or four steps ahead, then this civilization games is your game."
  • - Reviewed by "starfury", rating 8. "Whether you a civilization iii conqueror reviews and previews or diplomat, Civ3 has something that will civilization iii appeal to reviews and previews you."
  • Gamer's Hell - Reviewed by Interman, scoring 9/10. "Sid Meier once reviews and previews again proves that real strategy can be fun reviews and previews and challenging."
  • IGN - Reviewed by Steve Butts, overall score 9,3. "Civilization III is civilization iii a worthy heir for the franchise and a definite must civilization iii have for any strategy gamer who doesn\\'t want us to civilization iii make fun of them."
  • GamePro - Reviewed by Star Dingo, fun factor rating 3,5. civilization iii "It\'s still just Civilization, holy and true."
  • Game Revolution - Reviewed by C. Joshua Villines, rating A-. "Civilization III offers civilization iii a gameplay experience that, while fun and addictive, is also civilization iii profound and thought provoking."
  • Game industry News - Reviewed by John Corrado, rated with 5 "gems" civilization games and reviews and previews awarded as TBS Game of the Year civilization games 2002 and reviews and previews PC Game of the Year 2002. civilization games "It\\'s not merely reviews and previews a worthy successor [to Civ civilization games III], it\'s a better reviews and previews game..."

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