Reviews and Previews Gangsters Series Turn-Based Strategy

Reviewed by Dylan Parrotta, [6/10]. "A decently done game but it offers little to highlight its less than average graphics and poorly designed control system."

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  • Vendetta - Reviewed by Dylan Parrotta, [6/10]. "A decently done turn-based game but reviews and previews it offers little to highlight its turn-based less than average graphics reviews and previews and poorly designed control turn-based system."
  • IGN: Vendatta - Reviewed by Gil Alexander Shif, [5.7/10]. "We\\'ll hold reviews and previews out for the next iteration and hope that reviews and previews the third time around will be the charm."
  • ActionTrip: Vendetta - Reviewed, [89/100]. "A highly addictive game with good reviews and previews turn-based design and interesting gameplay."
  • Vendetta - Reviewed by Chris Leyton, [7/10]. "Fans of the original may gangsters series find the changes made have \\'dumbed\\' down the game whilst gangsters series casual gamers will find it still too complex for an gangsters series engaging experience."
  • The Electric Playground: Vendetta - Reviewed by Sean Miller, [6/10]. "In the end playing Gangsters reviews and previews 2 is like watching a really bad B-movie."
  • Game Revolution: Vendetta - Reviewed by Joe, [D+]. "Gangsters 2 seems like the result of the people at HotHouse Creations completely misinterpreting criticism for the original Gangsters."

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