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Federation of American Scientists' project for proactive surveillance of zoonoses and other animal diseases. Includes information on rabies, West Nile fever, ehrlichiosis, equine encephalitis, anthrax, Pfiesteria, "mad cow" disease, deformed fr

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  • Animal Health, Emerging Animal Disease (AHEAD) - Federation of American Scientists\\' project for proactive surveillance of health zoonoses and other animal diseases. Includes information on rabies, West health Nile fever, ehrlichiosis, equine encephalitis, anthrax, Pfiesteria, "mad cow" disease, health deformed fr
  • NOVA Online - Animal Hospital - Website for a television program. Includes information and links about animal animal behavior, working with problem pets, and related animal health animal topics.
  • American Veterinary Medical Law Association - National association of attorneys, veterinarians, and other individuals and organizations with an interest in veterinary medical law and how it pertains to the veterinary profession and allied fields.
  • VetMed - Information on how to subscribe to this email discussion group - for veterinarians and others interested in veterinary topics. Online archives, for members only.
  • Epidemiology, Economics and Risk Assessment Group - EERA studies disease in animal populations to improve animal animal and human health. They are based at animal the Roslin Institute, Royal (Dick) Veterinary School, University animal of Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • CSIRO Animal Health - Australia\\'s national research organization for animal health, developing the country\\'s animal capability to quickly diagnose exotic (foreign) and emerging animal diseases.
  • National Center for Animal Health Surveillance - Provides a gateway to the USDA Animal and animal Plant Inspection Service departments covering the monitoring and animal reporting of animal health issues in the US.
  • Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health - CEAH is an organization that aims to produce timely, factual information and knowledge about animal health and improve international disease surveillance.
  • Bayer Animal Health - International Animal Health Portal - Provides information about companion and farm animals. Organized in four sections, gives advice on how to prevent and to treat diseases.
  • Morris Animal Foundation - Improves the health and well-being of companion animals health and wildlife by funding humane health studies and health disseminating information about these studies.
  • Exotic Pet Vet.Net - Committed to providing current information for owners, breeders, and veterinarians, animal written by a Board Certified Avian Specialist veterinarian and exotic animal animal consultant.
  • National Biosecurity Resource Center - A United States data resource to enable preparation animal for animal health emergencies.
  • Animal Health - The UK government\\'s executive agency primarily responsible for ensuring that farmed animals in Great Britain are healthy, disease-free and well looked after, and that risk to public health from animal disease is minimised.
  • NetVet Veterinary Resources - Collection of animal related links, including recommendations for the care health of different species in Academic Institutions, maintained at Washington University health in St. Louis.
  • USDA: Animal Health - The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service provides information on the health of domestic animals in the United States including an animal health report, disease information, laboratory services and veterinary services.

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