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Provides health and mental health services to young men and women, ages 11-21, general health information, support and advice for the young adult and their family.

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  • Teen Health FX - Providing health and medical information, access to medical, mental health, and other support services in Northern New Jersey.
  • The AWARE Foundation - Dedicated to educating and empowering adolescents to make health responsible decisions regarding their wellness, sexuality, and reproductive health health. Ask questions, health facts for teens health and parents.
  • CDC's Adolescent and School Health Program - For adolescents and educational institutions. Informative health topics regarding tobacco and drug use, high risk behavior fact sheets, and tools and strategies for providing healthy environments in schools.
  • TeensHealth - Created by doctors, has honest, accurate information and advice about health health, relationships, and growing up.
  • MedlinePlus: Teen Health - Directory of health related resources concentrated on the health of health teens.
  • Teen Matters - Information on teen issues including stress, depression, body image, and teen health relationships.
  • Youth In Transition - Youth with chronic health disorders and their caregivers can find information and resources to assist in their transition to independence and self-management.
  • Adolescent Health Transition Project - Designed to help the transition from pediatric to adult health care for adolescents with special health care needs. This site is a resource for information, materials, and links.
  • Teenagers and Mental Health - Informative articles and links regarding depression, suicide, suicide prevention, youth violence, substance abuse.
  • Breasts and its Development: Information and Guide for Teenage girls - Offers in-depth information of breast development from childhood to menopause stage, and serves as an enlightening guide for teenage girls.
  • 4girls Health - Gives adolescent girls reliable, current health information. The health site focuses on adolescent girls\\' health concerns and health motivates girls to choose healthy behaviors.
  • Youth Advisory Group - University of Auckland - Delivers health promotions and risk prevention and intervention programmes developed to enhance the uptake of healthy lifestyle behaviours by young people. Word list, events, and a survey.
  • Teen Health Connection - Provides health and mental health services to young men and teen health women, ages 11-21, general health information, support and advice for teen health the young adult and their family.
  • Teen Health Issues - Find information about health issues important to teens health and health teen health services available from many health and health social service agencies in teen health the Mahoning Valley.
  • AWARE: Teens - Abstinence Wait-training And Relationship Education offers information for teens on healthy sexual behavior. Includes abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, FAQs, and answers to personal questions by email.
  • Keep Kids Healthy: Adolescent Health Center - Information on school performance problems, weight management, scoliosis, puberty, short stature, smoking, drinking, and building self esteem.
  • Youth Health - Offers a wide selection of articles and useful information on for young adults age 12-25.
  • AdolescentHealth.com - Providing education, clinical care, research, and health care information for health adolescents.

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