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A large source of information on 20th century designers and manufacturers. Includes the ability to search objects by period, function or material.

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  • Area of Design - Provides information about American art and design, and design features interviews with the United States\' best designers design and artists.
  • Tribu-Design - An educational database listing design classics with photographs. kids and teens kids and teens Search by timeline, designer or manufacturer.
  • Kids Design Network - DuPage Children\\'s Museum offers design challenge activities where children can imagine design ideas to solve problems, draw designs, build and show them to others.
  • Building Big - Learn about bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams and tunnels. arts Find out kids and teens the facts about large structures around arts the world and how kids and teens they are built.
  • archKIDecture - A place where children can engage and participate kids and teens design with the built environment. Offer various building projects kids and teens design and information about architecture.
  • Design Addict: Index - A large source of information on 20th century arts designers and kids and teens manufacturers. Includes the ability to search arts objects by period, function kids and teens or material.
  • Eclectic - A magazine designed specifically for high school students interested in arts art, and their future with it after high school.
  • BSI Education - Provides information for 7-19 year olds about the kids and teens use of British Standards in the design and kids and teens manufacture of products.
  • Kids Cards 4 Christmas - Let your child design their very own Christmas card and design in turn raise funds for your Local School or Nursery.
  • Color Theory - Learn about the color wheel, mixing, schemes, and design mood. Find kids and teens activities, vocabulary, puzzles, and quizzes.
  • Harvard Design Magazine - From the Graduate School of Design, a magazine kids and teens featuring essays, images, discussions, book reviews, and recent kids and teens projects in architecture and the built environment.
  • Bad Human Factors Designs - A scrapbook of illustrated examples of things that are hard to use with suggestions on how to improve them.

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