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The photographic adventures of two real white boxers, Charles-Clyde and Mavis. Includes holiday fun, projects, coloring pages, calendar, and boxer cartoons.

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  • Notebook - Offers visual arts and art history references and arts resources.
  • Young Naturalist Awards - Collection of the winning entries from the American Museum of Natural History\\'s national art and writing awards program for 7th to 12th graders.
  • Family Fun - The Art Institute of Chicago offers exploration of arts the center and online games.
  • Bananaboo - Offers jokes, crosswords, coloring, stories, recipes, crafts, safety tips, pet kids and teens names and other entertaining activities.
  • KidsWorld - Games and a coloring page based on works of art.
  • BlackDog - Kids free on-line games, puzzles, mazes, screen savers, stories, postcards, kids and teens and holiday fun.
  • Artissimo - Simple games and a gallery of art and stories created at the Artissimo kiosk in the National Gallery of Canada.
  • Art Index - Directory with lots of links to galleries and kids and teens kids and teens museums.
  • Kids Who Care - An international performing arts organization that provides training in theatre, arts dance, music, and art. Site includes information on classes, camps, arts and touring company.
  • Chateau Meddybemps - You\\'ll meet amusing characters, try some fun learning activities, read original stories, and encounter some pretty humorous ideas.
  • The Art Window - Offers initial experiences into art terminology, principles and techniques and utilizes multi-cultural student work as teaching displays.
  • The Children's Film Unit - Provides children aged 10 -18 an opportunity to arts participate in professional film and video workshops. A arts registered educational charity.
  • | Red Studio - Explores issues and questions raised by teens about arts modern art, today\\'s working artists and what goes arts on behind the scenes at a museum. Contains arts interviews and interactive activities.
  • Croc Festival - Annual festivals held in many locations around Australia, kids and teens arts involving Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people. Presents photographs, kids and teens arts tour schedule and information kits for schools.
  • KidsPsych - Games and activities, offers a maze, online coloring and games, kids and teens fun with shapes, I Spy, plus cute animations and sounds.
  • The White Boxer Chronicles - The photographic adventures of two real white boxers, Charles-Clyde and kids and teens Mavis. Includes holiday fun, projects, coloring pages, calendar, and boxer kids and teens cartoons.
  • CBBC - Art - Interactive site tells about the personalities of artists, introduces their kids and teens work and offers all sorts of interesting "Artyfacts."
  • Funology - Offers lots of fun, creative activities, games, jokes, and trivia.
  • ArtServe - A huge collection of images of architecture across kids and teens arts the world collated at the Australian National University.
  • Incredible Art Department - Includes art trivia and news, an overview of kids and teens careers in art, and lesson ideas. Also accepts kids and teens student art submissions.
  • Picturing Women - Interactive exploration into how women are figured, fashioned, turned into arts portraits, and told about in words and pictorial narrative. arts Part of an exhibit at Bryn Mawr College, the Library arts Company of Philadelphia, and the Rosenbach Museum and Library.
  • Telfair Artyfacts - Based on some of the works in the Telfair Museum kids and teens of Art in Savannah, GA. Includes interactive activities for kids kids and teens as well as and teacher's resources.
  • ABC Toon Center - Includes games, puzzles, cartoons, read-a-long picture stories, and kids and teens music for children of all ages.
  • Kids Space - An educational learning site devoted to bringing out kids and teens arts the creativity in kids of all ages around kids and teens arts the world. Invites children to share their stories, kids and teens arts pictures, and musical compositions.
  • Women Artists in Canada - Works of women artists in diverse media, plus biographical information about the artists, essays, and a bibliography.
  • Arts Alive - The National Arts Centre of Canada presents music, dance, and English and French theatre. In English and French.
  • Blast - A BBC initiative encouraging 13-19 year olds throughout arts the UK to get involved in dance, film, arts art and music.
  • National Gallery of Art NGAkids - Includes interactive discussions of paintings and sculpture in the National arts Gallery of Art, educational activities, and an animated musical story.
  • Creative Art Space for Kids - Features children\\'s art work from CASK, children\\'s art arts exhibitions, and kids and teens art classes.
  • National Gallery of Canada: CyberMuse - A look at various media, Canadian landscapes, careers arts at the kids and teens National Gallery, and artistic elements and arts styles.
  • The Zinglers - Offers stories, music, color pages, and online activities.
  • N2Arts - An online community and magazine for teens and arts young adults who are interested and involved in arts the performing and fine arts.
  • Mount Spressmore - CYKE - Provides a playground for kids where they can arts find art galleries and submit works of art arts that will be added to the "Art Cave."
  • Web Gallery of Art - Virtual museum of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, kids and teens Renaissance and Baroque periods (1100-1800). With commentaries on pictures, biographies kids and teens of artists, and guided tours.
  • KidLit - Allows kids to share their original artwork and arts writings online.
  • Our Museum of Art History - Virtual museum created by a third grade class presents the kids and teens art forms of six different cultures.
  • HaringKids.Com - Interactive activities designed to inspire a love of learning and kids and teens art.
  • Fairy Godmother - Wishes and stories about how to make ordinary kids and teens arts moments magical.
  • American Folklife Center's Collections and Special Presentations - An amazing collection of folk music, stories, photographs, arts and traditional artwork from across America.

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