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The group focuses on maintaining high standards in the coverage of minorities, sex crimes, anonymous sources, invasion of privacy; plagiarism, conflicts of interest, and other ethical issues.

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  • International News Safety Institute - Media safety network promoting the provision of safety journalism training, materials media and assistance to journalists and media journalism staff. Mission statement and media a list of supporting journalism organisations.
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  • The Organization of News Ombudsmen - The group focuses on maintaining high standards in issues the coverage of minorities, sex crimes, anonymous sources, issues invasion of privacy; plagiarism, conflicts of interest, and issues other ethical issues.
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  • Copyright and Intellectual Property - Stanford University guide to laws, issues and resources related to journalism copyright and intellectual property. Includes FAQ.
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  • Pretrial publicity prevents fair trial - Essay by US attorney Ronald B. Standler.[PDF]
  • News Blues - TV News insiders dish the dirt on America\\'s television newsrooms.(Subscription media based.)

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