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Digital pet funeral parlor, where bereaved virtual pet owners can give their digitally departed pals a proper sendoff. Eulogies, dirges, and mourners.

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  • Save The Roof Rats - The mysterious world of lofty rodents.
  • Goats Online - Clothes, accessories and other items for the Goat community.
  • Sheep Emporium - Virtual sheep to adopt, play with or admire.
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  • Killer Guppies Awareness Council - Researching of killer Guppies. See various warnings here.
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  • Hamster for President - Campaign to vote Hamster in the 2004 Presidential elections.
  • Adventures of Mr. Wombat - Holiday photos from this toy marsupial\'s trips around the world.
  • Marry Your Pet - Specialists in catering for those who would like recreation to demonstrate humor a long-term commitment to their pet.
  • Harold Reynolds' Humour Collection - Home of the Bad Kitty and Bad Dog humor lists, and humor other pet humor.
  • The World of Mice - Also featuring lambs and polar bears.

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