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Nominate individuals, organizations, and the like for outstanding service to animals. Animals are eligible for nomination in categories such as most pampered pet.

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  • - Detailed information about all animals kept as pets recreation anywhere in the world.
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  • AOL Pets - Connect with pet lovers and find cute pet photos, video, info and advice about all kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to hamsters and horses.
  • The American Animal Awards - Nominate individuals, organizations, and the like for outstanding recreation service to animals. Animals are eligible for nomination recreation in categories such as most pampered pet.
  • Yahoo! Pets - Find a pet, watch pet videos or browse through dog and cat photos, and learn more about dog and cat health, nutrition, behavior and training information.
  • Pet of the Day - Features a new pet story and photo each day. Pet pets owners may also nominate their pet for consideration.
  • - Resources for new and soon-to-be pet owners including choosing the recreation right pet, care and ownership costs, discussions, safety precautions, pet recreation adjustment, housebreaking, feeding, grooming, travel, names, photographs, and stories.
  • Bow Wow Meow - Dog and cat names, their popularity, meanings and recreation ratings.

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