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A lifestyle magazine for animal lovers and pet owners, dedicated to the idea that the bond between humans and animals can be vital and enriching.

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  • Ark Animal Tracks - Dedicated to the topics of exotic and captive pets wildlife as pets well as pets. Ranging from behavior, pets training, and enrichment to pets conservation, education and research.
  • The Animal Pen - Writer Janice Biniok specializes in pet articles and provides material for web sites, newsletters and pet publications. Library of pet articles and humane education materials.
  • Pet Connection - Weekly feature offered by Universal Press Syndicate has searchable article archives and a blog.
  • PETS Magazine - Canadian animal magazine with pet care veterinarian advice. pets Exploring the recreation human - animal bond.
  • Petmag - Online pet magazine providing information and features on pets a wide recreation range of pets including cats, dogs, pets aquaria, reptiles and amphibians, recreation birds, small animals.
  • Dr. Dog Paw Prints Newsletter - A bi-monthly newsletter aimed at providing information and news and media tips for one's cat or dog.
  • The Weekly Beagle - News feed sponsored by Petscriptions.
  • Aniwa - Online encyclopedia dedicated to cats and dogs: breeds files, behavior, recreation health, cat and dog adverts, slide shows, forums, animals pictures. recreation Newsletter and forums.
  • Big Paw Designs - Find out about or post the latest tips, tricks and pets helpful pet suggestions. Discuss/post animal rescue needs. Articles about pets breed history.
  • Pawprints and Purrs - Includes a monthly newsletter with pet health care recreation sources, a news and media spay and neuter campaign, and information recreation about pet loss and news and media animal abuse.
  • Pet Talk - UK magazine dedicated to pet owners and animal recreation lovers alike. Available free from selected vets, pet recreation shops and as an online download. Includes articles, recreation event listings, photographs, and a subscription form.
  • Pets Info - Email newsletter of interest to pet owners.
  • Animal Network - Home of Fancy Publications, the leading publisher of magazines and annuals about pets.
  • All Our Pets - Online magazine with articles on dogs, cats, health, nutrition, travel and activities with pets.
  • Tails, Inc. Magazine - Founded in 2000 by Janice Brown. Passionate about recreation rescue and news and media adoption, Janice believed that a connection recreation needed to be made news and media between the animal welfare recreation community and the general pet-loving population.
  • Paw Prints Post - Online magazine with features on pets, working animals, news and media wildlife, animal behavior, pet health, animal-related book and news and media movie reviews, and animal welfare news.
  • What's New, Emu - Pets and animals. News as you will find pets it nowhere recreation else, the most humorous information as pets it comes, almost from recreation the horse's mouth.
  • Natures Corner Magazine - Explores the intelligence of all types of animals news and media in homes, and backyards and in the rest news and media of nature. Also includes a weblog.
  • Petsburg Times - Online newspaper for pets and the people they recreation love. Columns recreation "written" by pets. Feature articles covering recreation broad range of topics.
  • Steve Dale's Pet World - Check out photos, links and read recent editions of Steve\'s pets award winning "My Pet World" columns.
  • - A news feed about all kinds of animals - dogs, recreation cats, reptiles, wildlife, birds.
  • Animal Fair Magazine - A lifestyle magazine for animal lovers and pet owners, dedicated recreation to the idea that the bond between humans and animals recreation can be vital and enriching.
  • Pet Gazette - E-zine about pets including health care, grooming, and pets training. Also Oklahoma events and adoption information.
  • A Pets Blog - Pets journal and photo weblog with opportunities for visitors to submit content and photos. News and forum.
  • Pet Talk Radio Show - Harrison Forbes answers your pet questions on the radio. Newsletter available.
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