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Lost and found database, helping reunite pets with their respective owners. Serving the Pacific Northwest. Site also offers tips on finding a lost pet.

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  • Pet Find USA - List brokers who sell lists of homes within pets a one-to-two-mile radius in any U.S. city and pets will deliver pre-addressed post cards with a pet pets description and photograph, ready to stamp and mail, pets to the owner.
  • Nashville Pet Finders - Local bulletin board for pets in the Nashville, Tennessee area. lost and found Includes tips and FAQs.
  • Missing Pet Network - Group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal recreation Care Office recreation who help people find missing pets. recreation Lost and found listing recreation by state, information on recreation how to post, sample listing, and recreation advice on recreation looking for lost pets.
  • Lost My Cat - Searchable database with the aim of reuniting lost and found lost and found cats with their owners. Users can submit photographs and descriptions lost and found of animals. Based in the UK, but also accepts ads lost and found from other countries.
  • Flealess Market's Lost Pets International - Free lost and found companion animal ads by country, state (province) and city, including the USDA\\'s Missing Pet Network missing/stolen horses website.
  • GetMeHome.ca - Canadian pet registration service that facilitates finding lost lost and found recreation pets by using their rabies vaccination tags. Online lost and found recreation registration is available.
  • Help Lost Pets - Free lost and found service to help reunite pets with pets their owners. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • Lost Pet SOS - Non-profit organization serving the entire United States offers recreation free database lost and found for all types of lost and recreation found animals. Includes poster lost and found templates and advice for recreation pet owners and anyone who finds lost and found a stray.
  • Missing Cat Assistance - E-group offering a network of support, referral, and recreation guidance in recreation locating and recovering lost cats.
  • LostandFoundNow - Free listings of lost and found pets and personal belongings, recreation organized by state.
  • Missing Pet Partnership - Based in California. Tips, advice, and resources for finding a recreation lost cat or dog.
  • Lassie Come Home--NC - Free service helping people of the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina reunite with their lost pets. Includes lost and found listings searchable by species and city, tips, and contact information for local shelters and newspapers.
  • Rumble - A Lost Shepherd - Family looking for their lost dog in Virginia. lost and found pets Printable flyers, list of sightings, and reward lost and found pets offer.
  • Lost and Found Pets of Western North Carolina - Free service where users may post and view recreation lost, found, recreation and sighted pets in Western North recreation Carolina. Also offers contact recreation information for area shelters recreation and veterinarians.
  • Maryland Lost Pets - Free lost and found listings for Maryland. Also pets accepts out-of-state submissions.
  • Who's Ya Doggy? - Free lost and found service that reunites lost recreation pets with pets owners, in the United States, Canada, recreation Australia and New Zealand.
  • Lostadog.com - Provides descriptions and photos of lost and found dogs. Covers Austin, Dallas, Galveston, Houston, Portland, San Diego, and San Marcos.
  • Inspice - Free lost and found service for pets and pets other items.
  • Pet-Detective.com - Listing of lost and found pets, forum, and lost and found found pictures.
  • The Missing Pets Bureau - Operates a national UK missing pets register and lost and found pets works closely with over 10,000 pet care organizations lost and found pets to aid in pet recovery.
  • Catfinder.co.uk - Offers advice and resources for finding a lost cat. Includes contact information for UK vets and local branches of the RSPCA.
  • Pet FBI - Post or search reports for lost and found pets in Franklin County, Ohio. Includes advice and contact information for shelters, humane societies and rescue groups.
  • Pets Missing in Action - Created to help lost dogs, cats and other lost and found lost and found pets find their way home. Includes free pet lost and found lost and found listing.
  • Missing Pet Center - Free Chicago-based service provides information and photos for lost and recreation found dogs and cats. Accepts local listings only.
  • LostPets.Com - Accepts reports of found pets into searchable database; includes suggestions lost and found and resources for locating lost pets.
  • Missingpets.com - Worldwide free listings of lost and found pets, recreation searchable by lost and found region, date, or type of animal.
  • Cats in the Bag - Provides tips and resources to help owners find pets their missing pets, particularly indoor-only cats.
  • Missing Animal Response - Email group for persons searching for lost pets.
  • Animal Planet: Missing Cats - Article on preventing cats from getting lost, steps to take recreation ahead of time to make finding them easier, and what recreation to do if a cat does go missing.
  • Operation K.O.N.A. - Internet based non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners in the United States and Canada. Offers advice on what to do if you lose or find a pet.
  • Dog Detective - Database of lost and found dogs. Offers tips lost and found recreation for searching, poster template, and individual web pages lost and found recreation for lost dogs. Will notify area vets and lost and found recreation shelters of a lost dog for a fee.
  • Lost Dogs - Steps to take to locate a lost dog, recreation catch it, pets return it to health, and prevent recreation escapes in the future. pets Includes downloadable resources.
  • Lost Paws - Lost and found database helping to reunite owners with their recreation animals.
  • Hudson Valley Lost and Found Pets - Free service of the Dutchess County SPCA (DCSPCA) lost and found of Hyde Park, Dutchess County, New York. Provides lost and found database of lost and found pets and offers lost and found tips on lost pet prevention and recovery.
  • LostPetNet - Lost and found database, helping reunite pets with recreation their respective owners. Serving the Pacific Northwest. Site recreation also offers tips on finding a lost pet.
  • Lost Dog Wichita - Free service for posting descriptions and photos of pets dogs that recreation have been lost or found in pets or near Wichita, Kansas.
  • Sherlock Bones - Providing professional help tracing lost or stolen dogs, since 1976.
  • Lost Cats - Brighton - List of cats (with photos where provided) lost pets or found lost and found in the Brighton and Hove area pets of England. Includes advice lost and found on finding a missing pets cat.
  • Pet Line Lost and Found Service - Non-profit group dedicated to reuniting Long Island and pets NYC pet recreation owners with their lost pets. For pets a fee, maintains pet recreation information and photo in pets case of loss and provides ID recreation tag with pets 24-hour phone number.
  • Lost-Doggies - Non-profit effort to help reunite lost dogs with recreation their owners. Database organized by breed, with the recreation option of adding a photograph to the dog\\'s recreation description. Also offers a live chat room. Based recreation in the UK.
  • Canada Strays - Dedicated to helping owners of pets lost in Canada reunite with their strays. Searchable database of lost and found pets with photos, descriptions, and contact forms. Includes FAQ, forum, email alerts, and links to related sites.
  • Lost Dogs UK - Contains the option to add a description of recreation lost and found dogs in the United Kingdom. recreation Also features advice on how to protect your recreation dog and what to do if it is recreation missing.
  • Bird HotLine - World wide lost and found bird hotline free recreation on the pets net. Plus bird questions answered, vet recreation talk and bird stories.

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