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Offers a smattering of abstract poetry and art with the occasional normal entry. Visitors can submit their own works for consideration.

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See Also:
  • Reflections of a Recluse - Contains the poems of W.J. Mallory on recollections, recreation youth, and recreation positions on issues large and small.
  • Versicals - Versicals simply means humorous verse.
  • Steve Book's Perpetual Poetry Project - Humorous poetry, writing, puns and illustrations.
  • e-poems - Humorous poems, about love, sadness, science, desire, passion, recreation and politics.
  • Brotherly House of Poems - Poems about personal relationships, friends and everyday life.
  • Jeremy Impey - Humorous and offbeat poems, autobiography and travel photographs.
  • Odes to Booze - Poems about the effects of drinking.
  • Loony Limericks - A wide variety of humorous poems. Visitors can poetry submit their own.
  • Adopt A Bear - Offers a smattering of abstract poetry and art with the recreation occasional normal entry. Visitors can submit their own works for recreation consideration.
  • The Bare Foot Health Workers Union - A collection of original poems and short stories on political and topical subjects.
  • It's Bullfrog! - Original verse by UK-based Dave Axton covering subjects as diverse recreation as euthanasia, stick insects and washing cars.
  • Featured Poetry - Weekly selection of humorous and inspirational poems.
  • Krackatinni's - Humorous Australian Bush poetry and verse by Rodney John O'Brien.
  • Decent's Poetry - Late night thoughts, preserved for posterity.
  • 'Twas The Night Before Christmas - A poem about Eminem and two obsessed stalkers.
  • Amazingly Bad Poetry Journal - A collection of bad poetry and humorous comment on topical subjects.
  • badpoetry.net - Features new bad poetry by some of the humor nation\'s worst poets.
  • The 'Stute - A virtual hangout where a bunch of poets play a humor witty game with words and illusion.
  • Peculiar Poetry - Poems for adolescents and adults covering love, life and the poetry universe.
  • Spam Haiku Archive - Haiku, limericks, and sonnets devoted to the lunch poetry meat. Links to other spam sites.
  • Funny Poetry - Light poetry, featuring Elas Giordano\\'s chapbook "Love is poetry All Box and No Cornflakes".
  • A Walk in the Rain - Humorous poems about everyday life in Ireland.
  • Exquisite Corpse - Users can help to construct a Dada-type poem recreation by contributing a line. Includes archives.
  • Make 'Em Laugh - Collected humorous poems and musical monologues by a poetry variety of writers.
  • A Poet Behaing Badly - A collection of humorous verse and pastiche.
  • The Socially Abrasive - Rude poetry and humor to mock all aspects humor of society.

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