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Includes large database on caches to hunt down, along with general information on geocaching. Enables to hide and seek a cache, find a benchmark or trackable items.

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Editor's Picks:* - Includes large database on caches to hunt down, along with general information on geocaching. Enables to hide and seek a cache, find a benchmark or trackable items.

  • CacheMate - Geocaching database for Palm OS, Pocket PC, and recreation Windows Smartphone.
  • CacheMagnet - Open source geocaching waypoint management software.
  • - Providing a resource of geocaching containers, travel bugs, recreation and accessories.
  • Handicaching - Aims to improve the accessibility of geocaching for physically handicapped recreation people all over the world.
  • Saudi_Cacher - Stories of found and placed caches in the recreation Middle East.
  • Skrýšotlač (CachePrinter) - Free Java-based programme used for downloading and printing outdoors listings of geocaches from and export their outdoors coordinates to GPX format.
  • Cache-A-Maniacs - Features recorded episodes in a candid, uncut, and irregular form recreation with a member of the Geocaching community.
  • Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint - Explanation of the sport, collection of recent news outdoors stories, maps of cache locations, FAQ, and announcements outdoors of geocaching parties and events.
  • GeoQO - A free geographical waypoint management software set that geocaching lets you outdoors manage geocaches and other types of geocaching geographical data.
  • - Features a variety of games involving use of outdoors GPS receivers, including geocaching, geodashing, minutewar, geopoker and outdoors geogolf.
  • GPS - The Movie - A film based on GPS treasure hunting.
  • Tourality - A freeware GPS game for mobile phones that leverages the recreation Geocaching concept and additionally supports real-time multiplayer games.
  • Boulter Geocaching - Has several useful tools such as coordinate converter geocaching and mapper, quick search, coordinate grabber, distance calculator, geocaching Bay Area geocaching leaders, expertGPS calibrated maps and geocaching geocaching express logger.
  • GPS Adventures - Learn about traditional and modern navigation, explore ways GPS is used, find out where the technology is heading in the future, and discover geocaching.
  • Cacheopedia - A wiki-based online encyclopedia, reference, and guide.
  • The Geocachers Creed - Designed to help orient new players to the recreation ethos of recreation the community and to guide experienced recreation players in questionable situations.
  • Navicache - Provides a wide range of information and listing resources for recreation the geocaching enthusiast including worldwide cache listing.
  • Waymarking - Provides tools for you to catalog, mark­ and visit interesting recreation and useful locations around the world.
  • GeoBuddy - Geocaching software that displays all the geocaches in your area over topo maps and aerial photos for trip planning.
  • EarthCache - A special place that people can visit to geocaching learn about outdoors a unique geoscience feature or aspect geocaching of our Earth.
  • GeoCaching Flickr Group - Brings related pictures, discussions and a map.
  • GeoLex - The Lexicon of Geocaching - Features a glossary of geocaching terms.
  • PodCacher - A weekly audio show about geocaching.
  • Geocache Rating System - Tool for helping geocachers rate the overall and recreation terrain difficulty outdoors of their hidden caches.
  • geo-*: Rick Richardson's Linux tools for geocaching - A set of tools to be used in geocaching a batch geocaching or cron mode to establish normal geocaching caching routine, backup caches geocaching and cache logs as geocaching well as enter new waypoints, a geocaching free geocoder geocaching and create custom maps of waypoints.
  • My Geocaching - Allows geocachers to create a detailed geocaching profile that displays their cache statistics and special accomplishments in a clear, attractive layout.
  • Geocacher University - Provides information about basic caches, equipment, events, resources, photos, items for sale and links.
  • Geocache simulator - Features a simulator that enables you to navigate geocaching a GPS while training geocaching.
  • Local Geocache Groups - Directory attempts to show known local geocache groups from around the world.
  • GeoCacher - GeoCaching South Africa - Features general information about geodashing, etiquette, creed, safety tips, and a fanshop.
  • GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) - A geocaching and waypoint management tool. Major features include: multiple outdoors databases, sending/receiving waypoints to GPSr, Google maps, conversion to many outdoors mapping formats, PDA and HTML output. Runs on Win98, ME, outdoors NT, 2000, XP, Vista.
  • TerraCaching - Caches rated by members to encourage memorable and outdoors challenging hunts. Includes a wiki, map, and how outdoors to become a member section.

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