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Longest-running cooperative collection of UE information on the Web. Information on sites from around the world, submitted by fellow explorers.

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  • Urban Sites by City - An archive of information on underground urban sites recreation and structures recreation throughout the world.
  • Ning: City Skip - A social network for city enthusiasts. Meet people outdoors interested in outdoors urban exploration, urban planning, city photography, outdoors architecture or cities in outdoors general.
  • Flickr: Old Retired Vehicles - Photos of vehicles abandoned along country roads with discussion forum.
  • The Urban Explorers Network - Longest-running cooperative collection of UE information on the outdoors Web. Information urban exploration on sites from around the world, outdoors submitted by fellow explorers.
  • Jinx Magazine - Publishes reports on urban exploration and international adventure. urban exploration The outdoors magazine has been published, irregularly, since 1997.
  • Secret Urban Exploration Ninja Mafia - A satire site which makes fun of the activity; includes outdoors photos from missions into a friend\\'s garage, the refrigerator, and outdoors dorm toilets.
  • Dead Malls - History and personal recollections of abandoned malls in recreation the USA.
  • Wikipedia - Urban Exploration - Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about urban exploration, including targets and media recreation coverage.
  • Zone Tour - A non-profit association to promote industrial archaeology and outdoors architecture, and recreation to reveal a particular point of outdoors view about the city. recreation Database of urban exploration. outdoors International but mainly France.
  • Eye Weekly - What Lies Beneath - Urban explorers follow the lure of the unmarked outdoors door. Article outdoors by Joel McConvey.
  • Salon: Online and Underground - Article by Janelle Brown about the urban exploration trend.
  • Dreamwhip - Photos and descriptions of disused and abandoned urban outdoors facilities in the US.
  • Loupiote.com Gallery - Photos by Tristan Savatier. Includes urban and industrial recreation derelicts in Paris, San Francisco and other places recreation visited.
  • Photographing Abandoned Houses - Tips and suggestion on how to turn old abandoned houses, into fantastic photographic subjects.
  • WordPress.com: Urban Exploration Tag - The UE tag for WordPress weblogs. Links to outdoors posts which have been tagged as urban exploration.

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