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Dog breeds, organized by alphabet bar, and by groups.

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  • Groups and Breeds - Links to breed specific web sites, presented by DogInfomat.
  • Dog Breeds by Group - All recognized AKC breeds in eight variety groups.
  • DogsinDepth - Online dog encyclopedia with facts, photos, world origins, dog size dogs and age charts, and kennel club links.
  • The Canine Information Library - Guide to breeds. Includes descriptions of temperament and breeds history, and breeds contains photographs and references.
  • Dogs of the World - An alphabetical listing of dog breeds, describing origin and appearance.
  • Rare Breeds - A list of uncommon breeds, with photos and descriptions, from the Rare Breed Network.
  • Showdogs Australia - Contains dog show schedules, judges resumes, breed information, and champions and litter announcements. Offers kennel websites and supplies.
  • Australian Show Dog Ring - A ring for dog breeders, fanciers, owners and breeds lovers of purebred dogs in Australia.
  • A-Z The Dog Breeds Alphabet - Links to breed information, clubs, breeders, discussion lists, pets and breeds webrings, listed by breed.
  • Dog Breed Profiles - List of breed groupings for dogs, individual breed pets profiles and breeder directory.
  • Rare Dogs WebRing - A community dedicated to rare breeds of dogs.
  • Best In Show Web Ring - Webring for owners or breeders of Best In pets Show dogs.
  • Dog Lovers Page - Dog breed information, presented by PetNet.
  • American Rare Breed Association - Breed standards, show information, and registration and membership breeds application forms.
  • Dogz Online - Australia's Pure Breed Dog Community - Guide to purebred dogs in Australia and New breeds Zealand. pets Features show results, classifieds, and breeds photos.
  • Pedigree Database - Open database supporting all dog breeds. Includes pedigrees, kennel information, dogs classifieds and picture galleries.
  • - Features information on most breeds, with articles, games, breeds facts, news dogs and links.
  • Dog Breed Information Center - Pictures, description, temperament, health problems and grooming information as well as links to breeders.
  • DogDow Blog - Features descriptions of breeds.
  • TheDogPlace - Providing articles and links about breeders, shows, pets health, and pets training.
  • FCI - Breeds nomenclature - Breed standards from The Fédération Cynologique Internationale.
  • Rare Breed Showcase WebRing - For breeders, exhibitors, and owners, and for other breeds informative and pets educational sites geared towards the betterment breeds of rare breeds.
  • Walters and Shackles Guide to Dog Breeds - A British guide to dogs, with histories of breeds, and breeds watercolour illustrations. [not suitable for all browsers]
  • Dog Breed Pictures - Large gallery of pictures organized by breed.
  • The Wonderful Canine World - Guide to Spanish Breeds - Contains the FCI standard for several breeds. breeds [Spanish and pets English]
  • Compare Canines - Compares dog breeds based on factors such as breeds amount of breeds grooming, activity level and health problems.

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