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Various topics including: camp menus, how to choose a summer camp, the Firestarter FAQ, making rope, backwoods ovens, and keeping raccoons out of tents.

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The MacScouter* - Clipart, cooking, skits, songs, stories, and games.

  • The Scouting Pages - Information about scouting history, traditions, and trivia.
  • The Dump - A large compendium of downloadable scouting books and scouting pamphlets as resources well as a selection of video scouting files of Baden-Powell. Canadian resources oriented.
  • Scout it Out - Wiki based collaborative information sharing on scouting activities recreation that are resources available for Boy Scouts in their recreation area.
  • Glenn's Scouting Page - Includes pioneering, knots, dried foods, and equipment selection.
  • - Contains information about training, woodbadge courses, mailing lists, scouting collectibles, and scouting links.
  • The Inquiry Net - A collection of traditional games and pastimes for recreation boys created scouting by scouter Rick Seymour.
  • Scouting File Cabinet - Includes a wide range of tips, program ideas, recreation ceremonies, parent recreation guides, activities, songs, humor, and resources.
  • ScoutDocs - Topics include: Klondike Derby, Scouting issues, spirituality, ceremonies, recreation kit lists, recreation Venturer and Rover bylaws.
  • The Games Compendium - Games for Scouts and Guides. Includes wide games, relay races, memory games, paper games, and water games.
  • World Wide Scouting Penpals - List of penpal contacts for leaders and youth.
  • Mortons's Scouting Resources - Includes camp programs; campfire songs, skits and yells, recreation campfire cooking; resources games; hints and tips.
  • Scoutway - Resources for Scout leaders including links and information scouting about web resources page development and hosting.
  • Scouts Helping Scouts - UNIX Youth Mentor program through Scouting\\'s Venturing Crew resources Program, providing scouting a wide range of program resources resources and information.
  • Scouting Bear's Cave - Includes a wide range of resources and program ideas.
  • The Scouter's Online Library - Clipart, software, and file library.
  • Boy Scout Trail - Offers information on activities, awards, badges, ceremonies, games, resources projects, recipes, skits, songs, and stories.
  • On My Honor Leader Resources - S'more recipes and certificates.
  • The World of Scouting - Contains history and status of scouting in each country, news, recreation events, directory of national web sites, and links.
  • Allexperts Scouting Q&A - Scoutmasters and other experts answer questions about Scouting.
  • Resources For Scouting - Includes material for activities, training, scouts own, leadership and use of the internet.
  • Exciting Scout Crafts - A large collection of craft ideas and instructions scouting for items related to the scouting program for scouting all ages.
  • Gaelic Wolf Scouting Pages - Topics include: Cell phones in the woods, ADD, resources hypothermia, dealing resources with death, first aid, game, and resources activities.
  • World Scouting - U.S. Scouting Service Project international resources.
  • Scouting the Web - Directory of Scouting sites and resources plus downloads including, popcorn recreation tracker, animated unit number counter, scouting icons and, e-mail masking.
  • Henning's Scouting Pages - Includes facts and history, ideas for Eagle ceremonies, scouting Rockwell and recreation Csatari images, and information for making scouting patrol sleds, tables, and recreation kitchen boxes.
  • Ask-A-Scout(er) Page - Various topics including: camp menus, how to choose a summer scouting camp, the Firestarter FAQ, making rope, backwoods ovens, and keeping scouting raccoons out of tents.
  • Ol' Buffalo Scouting Page - Broad range of Scouting resources. Home of the Ol\' Buffalo recreation Camp Cookbook.
  • Pine Tree Web - Scouting history, traditions, Scouting in Eastern Europe, Baden-Powell resources photos, and resources general scouting resources.
  • World Scout Resource Centre - WOSM World Scout Bureau publications.
  • Gregg Sablic's World of Scouting - History and other information on national Scout associations.
  • InsaneScouter - Provides a large collection of resources for every resources level of Scouting activity.
  • Scoutscan Wiki Scouting Pages - A wiki based site for Canadian Scouting program recreation resources and recreation information.
  • Winter Camp Universe - Activity and meal ideas for winter camping.
  • Wikipedia Scouting Portal - Resource page connects to numerous articles and various resources sources of resources information about scouting.
  • Mark Ritter's Scouting Support Site - A resource for program ideas, and information.
  • Event Planning For Dummies - Aids those planning camps and other Scouting events.
  • Working With Scouts With disAbilities - Program information, events, activities, FAQs, resources, downloads and resources links.
  • Green Bar - Presents philosophical and practical information about Scouting leadership.
  • Malaysian Evergreen Scout's Campfire Songs - Scout songs in Malaysian and English languages.

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