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Covers climbing and rescue knots including how to make a seat harness from webbing and the bowline-on-a-coil. Photos and instructions.

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  • The Lehigh Group - Covers common marine knots, plus the Hangman\\'s knot, reference the Scaffold knot, and the Gallows knot. reference Illustrations and common uses.
  • Climerware - Analysis of the strength loss caused by using a girth knots hitch. Climbing variations of the girth hitch, the dogvine, knots the mule knot, and the Figure-8. How to tie knots a bowline and clove hitch one-handed.
  • Ropeworks - A book of knots, hitches, splicing, lashing and rope making.
  • Team Whiskers Knots - Catfishing Team. Includes information on baits, knots, rigs, knots tackle, recipes, reference and tournaments.
  • Six Exploding Knots - Covers six knots that untie easily, including the Sliding Butterfly, Double Carrick bend, and Clove Hitch Biting a Bight. Step-by-step illustrations with instructions and a table of properties.
  • Caving Knots - Illustrated guide to the most commonly used knots knots in underground reference exploration.
  • Rec.crafts.knots FAQ - Frequently asked questions for the newsgroup, covering resources, knots recommendations, and links.
  • Ropers Knots Pages - Index of knots with links, illustrations, and descriptions.
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group - Covers climbing and rescue knots including how to make a seat harness from webbing and the bowline-on-a-coil. Photos and instructions.
  • Knot Tying DVD - Sells a video (VHS/DVD) showing 47 knots and 6 splices tied from the user\\'s perspective. Also gives information on making and caring for ropes. Language and Subtitle options: English/Spanish.
  • The Knotting Dictionary of K√§nnet - Covers some common and some uncommon knots, including the Reef knot, Square knot, Sheepshank, Simple Simon Over, Monkey\\'s Fist, and Vice Versa. Illustrations and common uses. What the knot is called in other languages. User-submitted comments.
  • The Prusik Knot - Discussion, comments, and tips regarding use for both sailing and reference climbing. History.
  • Alrama's Knots - Animated graphics of several knots being tied.
  • Grog's Animated Knots - Knots for boating, climbing, and fishing with clear animations.
  • University of New England Mountaineering Club - Covers the Alpine Butterfly, Bowline, Clove hitch, and Fisherman\'s knot. knots Animation and common uses.
  • 5.10 Climbing Club: Double Butterfly - Explanation, illustrations, and instructions.
  • Ian's Shoelace Site - Illustrations and instructions. Including common, faster and more knots secure knots. reference Also a section on different methods knots of lacing shoes.
  • Ruckus Society - Short climbers' knots manual.
  • Knot Knotes - Trivia, jokes, records, projects, and games. Knot basics. Downloadable fonts.
  • Sophia-Antipolis Speleogical Society - Covers common caving knots including the double figure-8 reference on a bight and the farmer\'s knot. reference Illustrations.
  • Knots on the Web - A collection of knotting resources.
  • Notable Knot Index - New, useful, and interesting bends, loops, hitches, and knots.
  • Best Knots for Fishing and Outdoors - Illustrations and instructions for a large number of reference knots used in fishing, boating and paddling.

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