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Has many beautiful images of symmetric knots, and information about a computer program called Knotscape (compiled binaries for Linux, Sunos and Alpha platforms). Includes pictures of knots with 13 crossings or less.

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Knots on the Web (Peter Suber)* - A collection of knotting resources on the web. Sections on knot tying, mathematical knot theory, knot art, and knot books.

  • Knotscape - By Jim Hoste and Morwen Thistlethwaite. Provides topology convenient access to tables of knots. topology Linux, Solaris.
  • A Third Year Lecture Course on Knots - Includes examples, solutions, knot tables, pretty pictures. Course material includes: colouring, Alexander and Jones polynomials, tangles and braids.
  • Knot Theory Invariants: The HOMFLY Polynomial - A brief article on the HOMFLY polynomial and topology how it topology is calculated.
  • Knot Theory - Covers techniques of distinguishing knots, types, applications, topology and Conway notations. Includes illustrations.
  • Megamath Knot Theory Page - An introductory overview of knot theory.
  • New Knot Tables - Covers families of knots of p, pq, p1q, p11q, p111q, math pqr, pq1r types. Explains properties and notations. math Includes diagram photos.
  • Morwen Thistlethwaite's Home Page - Has many beautiful images of symmetric knots, and topology information about knot theory a computer program called Knotscape topology (compiled binaries for Linux, knot theory Sunos and Alpha platforms). topology Includes pictures of knots with 13 knot theory crossings or topology less.
  • History of Knot Theory - Biographies of early knot theorists. Many early papers on knot topology theory (in pdf format) including papers by Tait, Kirkman, Little topology and Thomson.
  • Knot Theory Group University of Liverpool - Links to preprints and to programs written in knot theory pascal math for doing knot calculations.
  • String Figure Mathematics (or Trivial Knot Theory) - A mathematical analysis of string figures. Theorems, examples, illustrations and topology conjectures on patterns created with an unknotted string.
  • Cook's Borromean Ring Links - Links to pages and two outlines of proofs math that show math the Borromean rings can\'t be made math from circular rings.
  • A Circular History of Knot Theory - Starting with the flawed theory of Kelvin\\'s knotted vortex knot theory to the work of Thurston, Jones and Witten, knot theory knot theory has circled back to its ancestral origins of theoretical knot theory physics.
  • Pictures of Knots - A table of graphics of all knots of up to knot theory nine crossings. Also includes pictures of some links.
  • Thomas Fink (Tie Knots) - Thomas Fink and Yong Mao, used ideas from math statistical mechanics knot theory to show there are 85 ways math to tie a tie. knot theory They discovered a number math of new aesthetically pleasing tie knots. knot theory This page math has links to their original papers and to knot theory math their book ``The 85 Ways to Tie a
  • Kauffman, Louis H - A topologist working in knot theory discusses the connection between knot theory and statistical mechanics. Sections on cybernetics and knots, Fourier knots and the author's research papers.
  • The Knot Theory Home Page - Elementary introduction to knot theory. Covers the existence topology of knots, math Reidemeister moves and colorations.
  • Using Topology to Probe the Hidden Action of Enzymes - Describes how knot theory is used to understand knot theory the action of enzymes that affect DNA topolgy.[PDF]
  • The Geometry Junkyard: Knot Theory - A page of links on geometric questions arising topology from knot topology embeddings.
  • Geometry and the Imagination - Has a small section on knot theory at an introductory math level. Also has sections on orbifolds, polyhedra and topology.
  • A Knot Theory Primer - Comprehensive knot theory site focusing on the knot topology classification problem math and knot tabulations. Has a tabulation topology of knots with up math to 12 crossings.

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