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Searchable collection of digitized maps in the public domain from North America, 1544-1996. Grouped into categories: cities, environment, exploration, immigration, military, and transportation.

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David Rumsey Collection* - Thousands of high-resolution digital images of maps from the David Rumsey Collection, one of the largest private collections of historic maps in the US. Focus is 18th and 19th c. North and South America cartographic materials.

  • Ryhiner Map Collection - 16th to 18th c. maps of Germany, Switzerland, and France maps from the University and Canton archives from the University of maps Bern in Switzerland.
  • Le Grand Atlas by Johan Blaeu - Images of the French Edition (1667, 12 Volumes) of Le Grand Atlas by Johan Blaeu.
  • Japanese Historical Maps from UC Berkeley - Online gallery of 2,300 early maps of Japan historical and the World. Collection was acquired by the historical University of California from the Mitsui family in historical 1949.
  • Roman Maps : Tacitus - Maps of areas referred to by Cornelius Tacitus historical in "The historical Histories", A.D. 1.
  • Atlas Coelestis - Celestial cartography maps.
  • F.Y.R. Macedonia from Antiquity to Present Day - Macedonia from 1477 to 1928. Downloadable.
  • Athena Review Image Archive: New World Maps and Site Plans - Maps of Columbus\' voyages, 16th c. Central and reference South America.
  • Michican Historical Museum : What's Cool About Maps? - The "What\\'s Cool About Maps" exhibit at the Michigan Historical maps Museum, Lansing, features 29 historic maps of the Great Lakes maps region from 1669 to 1882.
  • India Political History - 20 political maps of India from the ancient times to maps the modern. Also includes a brief history of India.
  • Bodleian Library - The Map Case - Sample of images from Oxford\'s collection, focusing on historical Great Britain.
  • Yale University Map Collection - 200 period maps and globes from 16th to reference 19th c., including world, continent, and city maps. reference Majority of maps are New World. reference Includes Lada-Mocarski, Cross, and Lanman map collections.
  • Genmaps - Great Britain maps, 16th through 19th century, divided historical into counties reference and regions.
  • Historical Atlas of the 20th Century - Large collection of color-coded atlas maps showing world population, governments, historical wars, and other historical trends. Many include brief historical historical commentaries.
  • Finland Info - Antique maps showing Finland in relation to the reference rest of historical Europe. Maps from 15th c. reference to modern. Includes historical some historical commentary.
  • John Snow's London, 1859 - A historical map with sites of Victorian London during the time of Dr. John Snow (1813-58), the prominent epidemiologist and anesthesiologist.
  • Map Reference - A Web bibliography of non-printed reference material on the history reference of maps and cartography.
  • Wyoming Historical Maps - Wyoming state maps depicting the emigrant trails of maps the late 1800s. Eleven maps prepared by maps L. C. Bishop available in small to large maps resolutions.
  • Discus Media 1900 European Maps Collection - Collection of over 800 images of maps displaying the Old World as it looked like about 100 years ago. City maps, area maps.
  • FEEFHS Map Library - 50 detailed maps of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, the maps Balkans, and the Baltics from the 1882 Blackie maps and Sons atlas. Federation of East European maps Family History Societies.
  • Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe - Maps showing political status of Europe and Mediterranean basin at the end of each century from AD 1 to AD 2000, plus maps of historical battle sites. Site in English and French.
  • Images of Early Maps on the Web - A list of sites with historical maps.
  • MapForum.com - On-line magazine about antique maps with articles about reference mapmaking, exhibits, historical and classified ads.
  • Chorographia Britanniae - Images and commentary on the Chorographia Britanniae, an atlas of maps the counties of England and Wales, first published in 1742 maps by Thomas Badeslade and William Henry Toms.
  • Mapping History Project - Socio- and political maps of 18th and 19th century United States; classical age Mediterranean. Some maps require Shockwave plug-in.
  • Holy Roman Empire 1789-1815 - German states and principalities from 17th to 19th reference c.
  • Exploring Florida - Includes hundreds of Florida maps and detail views reference from 1584 to the present.
  • Turkey in Maps - On-line exhibitions of antique maps of Turkish Empire reference and Asia historical Minor (present day Turkey).
  • King County: Comparative Aerial Photos - Aerial photographs from the 1930s, 1970s, and 1990s historical illustrating the growth of several areas in King historical County, Washington.
  • James Ford Bell Library - 30 explorer and mariner maps of 15th to reference 19th century, maps concentrating on world maps and the reference Americas. Most maps maps can be zoomed in reference to see details. University of maps Minnesota.
  • WWII Maps - 100 black and white WWII maps indexed by maps date, many historical with troop movement and battle locations maps indicated.
  • United States Digital Map Library - Online archive of state, county, and treaty maps.
  • United States 1895 Atlas - Large images grouped by state from an 1895 maps US Atlas.
  • Germany at the End of the 18th Century - Maps of different parts of Germany at the end of reference the 18th century drawn by the author and links to reference maps of the same period show the political division of reference Germany
  • Prehistoric Globalization - Maps that change history. Paper on maps predating historical Columbus including a section on fraudulent maps.
  • Gleadless.net - Old maps of Gleadless, Norton and surrounding areas maps of southern historical Sheffield, England.
  • United States Library of Congress Map Collections - Searchable collection of digitized maps in the public historical domain from historical North America, 1544-1996. Grouped into historical categories: cities, environment, exploration, historical immigration, military, and transportation.
  • History Link 101 Map Page - Collection of historical and educational maps of ancient maps Africa, China, Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Rome, Middle Ages maps and Prehistoric Man.
  • University of Virginia: Maps from Columbus to Lewis and Clark - Period maps and atlases from 1507 to 1805 reference focusing on maps the exploration of the central and reference western US.
  • Trenches on the Web - WWI Map Room - World War I Western Front maps, including trench maps locations for major battles.
  • San Jose State University Art of Cartography - 20 maps of the New World, India, Africa, and Asia maps from 16th and 17th century. Includes 2 11th century maps Arabic maps.
  • Michigan & the Great Lakes - Images and descriptions of the history of the maps Great Lakes reference as depicted in actual maps from maps 1571 to 1865. reference Includes significant maps of maps French, English and American periods.
  • Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection - University of Texas-Austin Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection. 200+ links to other map collections; emphasis on 19th century America maps.
  • Boundaries of the Contiguous United States - Animation showing the evolution of state boundaries in reference the United States from the original 13 colonies reference to its present state.
  • Athena Review Image Archive: Old World Maps and Site Plans - Maps of Roman Gaul, 60 - 50 BC.
  • US Historical Topographic Maps - Historical topographic maps of US East Coast states reference from 19th and early 20th century, scanned from reference original US Geological Survey maps
  • Diego Gutierrez Map of America, 1562 - Western Hemisphere map; historical information with scrolling and reference zooming map historical viewer.
  • Antique Maps of the Pacific Ocean - Antique maps (pre-1800) for the Pacific Ocean and maps its islands.
  • Finland History - Maps showing the history of the Finnish-related people historical of Russia. maps Includes maps of city locations, historical name changes, and much maps commentary.

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