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Public non-profit heritage preservation organization. Learn about Chicora's programs in archaeological and historical preservation and education for museums, archives, libraries, historic organizations and private citizens.

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The Chicora Foundation* - Public non-profit heritage preservation organization. Learn about Chicora's programs in archaeological and historical preservation and education for museums, archives, libraries, historic organizations and private citizens.

  • Archives of Museum Conservation Discussion List - Archived messages from 1996 to 1997 at ICOM-CC.
  • Primer on Disaster Preparedness - Provides information on disaster preparedness, management and response museums for paper-based materials.
  • National Center for Preservation Technology and Training - An office of the National Park Service, NCPTT promotes the museum resources preservation of prehistoric and historic resources through its research, technology, museum resources training, and grants programs.
  • Straus Center for Conservation - Provides analysis and treatment for Harvard University art museums, representing objects in all media from antiquity to the present.
  • Conservation OnLine (CoOL) - A project of the Preservation Department of Stanford museums University Libraries which covers a wide spectrum of museums topics of interest to professionals involved with the museums conservation of library, archives and museum materials.
  • Indoor Air Quality in Museums and Archives - Technical papers, bibliography, links, news, about indoor air museum resources quality museums and climate in cultural heritage buildings.
  • Ponsford Ltd. - Offering conservation and restoration services, infestation and lead abatement treatments. Includes examples of work and contact information for area representatives. Based in Acworth, Georgia.
  • Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC) - Organization for museum and conservation professionals on the museums west coast museum resources and in the western part of museums the USA, including Alaska museum resources and Hawaii. Features museums annual meetings, workshops, and a newsletter museum resources for members.
  • Master Restorer - Art restoration services for damaged fine art. conservation and preservation museums Includes details of services, examples of work, list conservation and preservation museums of clients and contact information. Located in conservation and preservation museums Torrance, California.
  • Opening Books - A project enabling librarians, historians, and archivists to museums make important conservation and preservation works available to students, scholars, and museums the general public in conservation and preservation an interactive format while museums keeping the originals safe and untouched.
  • Regional Alliance for Preservation - Provides preservation information to cultural institutions and the museum resources public conservation and preservation throughout the United States.
  • Memnon - Audio archiving services. Features services, events, projects, and museums current developments. Located in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Pest Research and Education: Museums Archives and Libraries - Swedish working group on insect pest control in museums museums works conservation and preservation with research and staff training in museums integrated pest management and conservation and preservation preventive conservation on cultural museums collections.
  • International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property - Created by UNESCO to promote conservation of monuments museum resources and sites of historical, artistic and archaeological interest. museum resources Headquarters in Rome. Activities, events calendar, image archive, museum resources training directory. English and French versions
  • Wooden Artifacts Group Postprints Archive - Lists papers presented by the WAG specialty group at the AIC annual meeting from 1995-2001. [PDF files].
  • Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) - National organization for conservation and preservation of cultural museum resources resources conservation and preservation in Australia.
  • Institute of Conservation - The representative body for professional conservators and restorers museums in private conservation and preservation and institutional practice in the UK.
  • Westlake Conservators, Ltd. - Providing services in the preservation of paintings, frames, conservation and preservation murals, textiles, paper and photographs. Includes samples conservation and preservation of work, tips and links. Located in Skaneateles, conservation and preservation New York.
  • Fallon & Wilkinson, LLC - Furniture conservators specializing in antique restoration, repair, and museum resources reproductions.
  • MP Fine Art and Paper Conservation - Conservation of art on paper: watercolors, prints, lithographs, museum resources paintings and folk art. Includes details of museum resources work, services and client list. Located in museum resources Orrtanna, Pennsylvania.
  • The British Museum: The Department of Conservation, Documentation, and Science - Conservation department at the British Museum, with materials conservation and preservation testing, professional resources and abstracts of conservation research conservation and preservation report groups.
  • Federal Funding Opportunities for Collections Care - Increasing funding for collections care projects.
  • South East Conservation and Restoration - A service that includes condition assessment and documentation, remedial and museum resources preventive conservation, and exhibition services. Located in Sydney, Australia.
  • Parasmoon Restoration Department - Iranian based company offers preservation and restoration of museums historic buildings, museums objects, books, and documents. Includes a museums portfolio and services.
  • Building a Constituency for Collections Care: Children, Youth, and Families - On-line seminar and lecture notes from the NIC conservation and preservation Annual Meeting 1996. Includes detailed notes on actions conservation and preservation to be taken and tips for implementing and conservation and preservation developing a similar program.
  • Conservation Register - Detailed information on textile, ceramics and art conservation museums and restoration practices in the UK and Ireland museums on PDF files. Includes glossary of technical terms. museums Searchable directory of conservators and specialisms. Links to museums related sites.
  • Canadian Conservation Institute - Promotes the proper care of Canada\\'s cultural heritage museum resources and museums advances the science, practice and technology of museum resources conservation.
  • The State Russian Museum: Exhibits Conservation Department - Provides thirteen laboratories for all aspects of conservation and restoration conservation and preservation of exhibits at the museum located in St. Petersburg, Russia. conservation and preservation [Russian and English]
  • American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Historic Works - U.S. national membership organization of conservation professionals dedicated conservation and preservation museum resources to preserving the art and historic artifacts of conservation and preservation museum resources cultural heritage for future generations.
  • Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute - Provides research and education in the conservation, preservation, museums technical study conservation and preservation and analysis of museum collection items museums and related materials.
  • Historic Salem, Inc. - One of the oldest community preservation organizations in the U.S. chartered in 1941. Its mission is to ensure that the historic resources of Salem, Massachusetts are preserved for future generations and that new development complements the historic char
  • Midwest Art Conservation Center - Regional center working for preservation and conservation of conservation and preservation museums art and artifacts. Located in Minneapolis.
  • The Getty Conservation Institute - Museum conservation. Includes on-line issues of Conservation and newsletter.
  • The Fine Arts Conservancy - Scientific conservation laboratory, restoring fine arts, antiques, furniture conservation and preservation and period frames. Providing museum framing, specialized conservation and preservation analysis and condition reports, and insurance art claims. conservation and preservation Located in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Life on the Wall - Cleaning and repairing aged and damaged fine art conservation and preservation oil paintings and fine art frames.
  • The Library of Congress Preservation FAQs - Information on how to store, restore, display, and preserve books, conservation and preservation photographs, and other materials.
  • Northeast Document Conservation Center - The mission of the NDCC is to improve the preservation programs of libraries, museums, archives, and other historical and cultural institutions. Includes disaster assistance, on-site consultations, general and collection surveys.
  • Conservation at the National Museum of African Art - Conservation resources, internship information, and a detailed example museums of artifact conservation and preservation conservation analysis techniques used.
  • Cheshire Fine Art - Providing conservation and restoration of works of art museum resources on paper, as well as photographs and parchments. museum resources Includes details of services, projects, links and museum resources feedback form. Located in the United Kingdom.
  • Indoor Air Pollution Workgroup (IAP) - Homepage of the IAP Workgroup, includes presentation abstracts museums from the museums workgroup meetings.
  • Preservation Alliance of Minnesota - Dedicated to preserving Minnesota\\'s historic resources. Requires frames. Too wide for smaller monitors.
  • Preserve Net - Includes a preservation education directory, employment, grants, and conservation and preservation conservation and preservation preservation related organizations.
  • Jensen Conservation Services, Inc. - Services include preservation, structural analysis, surface treatment and conservation and preservation museums reproduction of art.
  • Washington Conservation Guild - Nonprofit organization for professional conservators, students and others interested in museums the conservation of art, ethnographic and archaeological objects, and other museums areas of materials conservation.
  • Restoration Preservation Conservation Products - Specializes in preservation and restoration waxes, polishes, and conservation and preservation museum resources cleaners for a variety of surfaces.
  • Fine Arts Conservation, Inc. - Consultation, conservation, and preventive care. Includes biographical and museum resources contact museums information. Located in New York, New York.
  • The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works - Promotes the knowledge, methods and working standards needed conservation and preservation conservation and preservation to protect and preserve historic and artistic works conservation and preservation conservation and preservation throughout the world. Includes information about publications, conservation and preservation conservation and preservation congresses, regional groups and memberships. Located in conservation and preservation conservation and preservation the United Kingdom.
  • Northern States Conservation Center - Provides information and support to museums, archives and individuals covering disaster response, storage, exhibits, environment, fundraising and pest management. Offers online museum classes and training and museum related products. Located in St. Paul,
  • Advisory Council on Historic Preservation - Promotes the protection and enhancement of US historic museum resources resources. museums Offers federal regulatory information, training, news, and museum resources links to museums federal, state and tribal agencies and museum resources programs.
  • Academic Imaging Associates. - Offers services and equipment for archiving, preservation, microscopy, museums and macro photography for libraries, museums, and laboratories.
  • Rasmussen Bindery - Binds new and old books, magazines, and newspapers museums for film sets, law libraries, publishers, the general museums public and the Queen’s Printers. Located in museums North Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies - A world wide web publication from the Institute of Archaeology conservation and preservation at the University of London which disseminates information on conservation conservation and preservation and museum studies to the global conservation and museum community.
  • Institute of Paper Science and Technology - Private graduate research university dedicated to the pulp museums and paper museum resources industry and is located in Atlanta, museums GA.
  • McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory - Provides services in painting, paper, and sculpture conservation.
  • AMOL: Conservation - Guide to preventative conservation techniques from the Heritage Collections Council conservation and preservation of Australia.
  • Intermuseum Conservation Association - Non-profit art center provides member museums with restoration museum resources services museum resources including photodocumentation, for paintings, murals, frames, icons, museum resources polychrome sculpture, museum resources works on paper, and objects. museum resources Also offers training museum resources workshops. Located in Cleveland, museum resources Ohio.
  • Heritage Preservation - Programs and publications on the proper care and museum resources maintenance museum resources of America\\'s cultural and historic heritage, including museum resources the CAP museum resources (Conservation Assessment Program) grants funded by museum resources the Institute of museum resources Museum and Library Services.
  • JLT Designs Atelier - Specialises in embroidery and the finishing and the museums making–up of art needlework objects, such as canvas museums work, needle point cushions, and embroidered hangings. Services museums include the preservation and restoration of textiles. Located museums in London.
  • Ewa Soszko: Antique Textile Conservation - Textiles from different epochs, and methods of textile conservation and restoration. Photos of the artist\\'s work in ecclesiastical textiles and iconographic paintings.
  • Los Angeles Preservation Network - Serves the preservation needs of conservators, librarians, archivists conservation and preservation conservation and preservation and records managers in Los Angeles city and conservation and preservation conservation and preservation county.
  • Keepsafe Systems - Provides museums and conservators with oxygen absorbers, barrier museums films, and other materials for modified atmosphere packaging museums of sensitive artifacts. Located in Toronto, Canada.
  • Save America's Treasures - A private/public initiative to document all monuments and outdoor sculpture museums in the United States and to help communities preserve outdoor museums sculpture.
  • Preserving My Heritage - Focuses on everyday preservation concerns and includes conservation museum resources tips, museums a before and after gallery, and career museum resources information. From museums the Canadian Conservation Institute.
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation - Dedicated to saving historic places and revitalizing America\\'s museum resources communities. museum resources Staffed in Washington, DC consists of six museum resources regional offices museum resources and 28 historic sites.
  • Fine Art Service Industry - Offering gallery preparation and security services. Includes the museum resources company\\'s museums policy and guidelines, photo galleries, and contact museum resources details. Located museums in the UK.
  • Microclimate Indoor Monitoring In Cultural Heritage Preservation (MIMIC) - Project providing a system of rapid measurement of conservation and preservation damage caused by conditions in the environment surrounding conservation and preservation works of art, and particularly paintings, in museums conservation and preservation and historic buildings. Includes details and participating conservation and preservation organizations. [English and Spa

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