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Web sites about wildlife science, technology or research in Africa as a whole.Regional: Africa: Society and Culture: Issues: Conservation and Endangered Species.

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See Also:
  • The Ants of West Africa and the Congo Basin - An electronic book covering geography and history, ant science and environment mosaics, economic importance of ants, biodiversity and niches, science and environment and taxonomy.
  • Pan Africa News - Newsletter of The Japan Committee for the Conservation africa and Care africa of Chimpanzees and The Mahale Wildlife africa Conservation Society.
  • Field Guide for Southern African Mammals - Excerpts from a CD-ROM includes checklist, some species accounts, and wildlife sample keys for southern African large mammals.
  • AfriCat - A non-profit organisation based in Namibia to conserve carnivores, especially science and environment Leopards and Cheetahs. Species and conservation information, and news.
  • African Wildlife Guide - Articles and features from a travel company covering wildlife, birdwatching, africa and wildlife photography.
  • African Wildlife Club - Online community of African wildlife enthusiasts. Membership required (Yahoo).
  • African Wildlife - Taxonomy - Taxonomic rank of common African animals, some with science and environment science and environment photographs.

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