UFO Gerry Anderson Science Fiction Programmes

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  • SHADO Library and Archives - Large UFO fan-fiction library, episode transcriptions, plus SHADO gerry anderson operations and personnel pages, plus "Different Aspects of gerry anderson UFO".
  • Starship Modeler's UFO Page - Reference photos of the original models featured in ufo UFO.
  • UFO Image Library - A rotating frame capture library from UFO episodes.
  • UFO Nitpickers Corner - Inconsistencies and errors in UFO episodes.
  • SHADO:UK - Original video clips based on the series, plus scans of ufo the 1970 UFO Annual.
  • SHADO Marsbase - SHADO information and humorous "Marsbase" and "The Mix" sections.
  • Fanderson - Gerry Anderson fan club site has UFO episode guide, guide gerry anderson to shooting locations, and exclusive merchandise.
  • UFO Episode Guide - Episode guide, including cast, synopsis and voting.
  • SFcrowsnest: The Complete Book of Gerry Anderson's UFO - Review of this non-fiction work by Chris Bentley.
  • SHADO Yahoo! Group - Online discussion group for the "UFO" TV series.
  • Official UFO Website - Carlton\\'s website has series production information, actor\\'s biographies, photos, and details of their UK DVD releases.
  • UFO Series Home Page - Large site with episode guide, FAQ, photos, scripts, music, cast ufo interviews, TV broadcast dates, and current news.

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