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Stock brokers offering real time updates on order status, as well as equities and options. Includes monthly fees and commission rates.

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  • Morrison Securities Pty Ltd - Stock brokers offering real time updates on order status, as online trading well as equities and options. Includes monthly fees and commission online trading rates.
  • Sanford Online - A discount online share trading service. It offers different subscription financial services packages with different features. By Sanford Securities Pty Ltd.
  • ComSec - Discount broking services for trading of the top 150 Australian stocks online. Also provides trading of US stocks over telephone. Offers watch lists, price movement graph and price history data download. Fund is access via a Commonwealth Bank cash managem
  • e-Shares Corporation Limited - Online trading via JDV, real-time quotes and market online trading information.
  • Westpac Broking - Place orders to buy and sell shares directly online trading over financial services the Internet or phone. By Westpac Securities online trading Limited.
  • CityIndex Australia - Specialists in Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on-line trading. financial services investing Offers streaming prices that can be viewed financial services from anywhere investing in the world. Requires membership.
  • First Prudential Market - Provides ASX CFD shares trading platform systems, direct investing market access, investing competitive unrestricted DMA CFD margin and investing commission rates plus a investing real time charting package investing with tools.
  • Avcol Stockbroking - Provides on-line and phone trading in equities and financial services warrants as well as options (ETOs).
  • Patterson Ord Minnett - Full service broker with online trading services via online trading GBST online trading Online.
  • Andrew West - Offers competitive on-line brokerage rates. Includes details of online trading seminars, investing indices and a key market report.
  • E*TRADE Australia - Allows 24/7 access to portfolios, trading tools and the latest market news. Provides market research, recommendations and shows ASX prices in real-time.
  • WebStock - Discount broker that offers online trading services via financial services GBST Online. By Austock Brokers Pty Ltd.
  • Man Financial Australia Limited - Offers tools and services to trade in global futures, equity, financial services CFDs (Contracts For Difference) and currency markets.
  • DirecTrade - Macquarie Bank\\'s on-line execution-only share trading service. By Macquarie Equities financial services Limited.
  • National OnLine Trading - Buy and sell shares and warrants on the financial services ASX, financial services on-line or by phone. Allows member access financial services to market financial services information, quotes, news, company announcements financial services and detailed dividend financial services history.

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