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Aims to generate the knowledge needed for the sustainable use and protection of the marine environment through innovative, world-class scientific and technological research.

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Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources* - Responsible for industry, tourism, resources and energy, innovation, investment, and small business policies.

  • Gene Technology in Australia - Provides information about industry, tourism and industry, tourism and resources resources industry, tourism industry, tourism and resources and resources industry, industry, tourism and resources tourism and resources biotechnology and gene technology.
  • Ionospheric Prediction Service - Provides the Australian radio propagation and government government government space government environment services.
  • The Australia New Zealand Land Information Council - Develops policies, standards and procedures to manage the industry, tourism and government resources capture, storage, maintenance and transfer of land industry, tourism government and resources and geographic information that is essential for the industry, government tourism and resources effective management of the nation's land-related resources.
  • AusIndustry Home Page - The Commonwealth Governments industry, tourism and resources industry, tourism and resources central point industry, tourism and resources for business information and assistance.
  • - Whole-of-government service providing essential information on planning, starting government and running industry, tourism and resources a business. Offers access to all government business related government assistance, industry, tourism and resources information and services.
  • Australian Institute of Marine Science - Aims to generate the knowledge needed for the departments departments departments departments sustainable use and protection of the marine departments environment through departments departments departments innovative, world-class scientific and technological departments research.
  • IP Australia - The agency that grants departments departments rights in patents, trade marks, and designs. Attempts to ensure departments that Australians benefit from the departments departments effective use of intellectual property (IP), particularly departments departments through increased innovation
  • Biotechnology Australia - Details of funding, development of a National Biotechnology departments Strategy, a departments public awareness program and a new departments system of regulation of departments gene technology.
  • CSIRO Land and Water - The research laboratory for advanced studies of environmental departments systems and the management of natural resources.
  • Invest Australia - The national investment agency which promotes Australia as government an investment location, facilitates major projects, and provides government a wide range of services to companies seeking government to establish or invest in operations in Australia.
  • Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation - Seeks to provide expert scientific and technical advice across the nuclear fuel cycle to government and to support Australia\\'s national strategic and nuclear policy objectives.
  • - Official site of the Australian Tourist Commission.
  • Co-operative Research Centres - Undertake collaborative research and education programs in the industry, tourism and government resources fields of natural sciences and engineering, with a industry, tourism government and resources strong focus on commercial and other applications.
  • Geoscience Australia - Australia\\'s national geological survey dealing with geological, geophysical and geohazard mapping of the continent as well as a range of environmental, land and groundwater management issues.
  • Science Index - Provides information about Commonwealth of government Australia government science and technology interests, a government directory of government all Commonwealth departments and agencies with government government interests in science and technology.
  • Australian Institute of Sport - Provides facilities and assistance for elite athletes, including access to government high performance coaches, strength and conditioning programs, nutritional advice, and government career and education guidance.
  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) - Australia\\'s largest scientific and industrial research agency. It researches fields government diverse as agribusiness, information technology and everything in between. Also government runs the online science education program: Double Helix Science Club.
  • Australian Sports Commission - Offers up-to-date information on the structure and organisation of sport in Australia, including the Australian Institute of Sport(AIS).

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