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Homepage of the Large-aperture Synoptic Survey Telescope, a proposed 8.4 m, 7 square-degree field telescope. An important goal of the project is the creation of a detailed, three-dimensional map of the universe, which should yield detailed information abo

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  • Direct Searches for Dark Matter - A review of the methods and findings of dark matter searches for particle constituents of nonbaryonic dark matter. dark matter Requires some previous knowledge of particle physics and dark matter cosmology. By Bernard Sadoulet (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory dark matter und University of Califor[PDF]
  • The Picasso Project; A Dark Matter Search Experiment - Homepage of a dark matter search experiment presently installed and dark matter taking data in an underground laboratory at Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. dark matter The experiment uses a superheated droplet detector. Includes links to dark matter publications, general information about dark ma
  • Cosmic Hide and Seek: The Search for the Missing Mass - Summary of the properties of dark matter, its influence on dark matter cosmic evolution, and the different ways it can be detected. dark matter Suitable for a general audience; by Chris Miller.
  • CDMS Experiment - Homepage of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment dark matter at the University of California, Berkeley. The experiment dark matter uses a large germanium crystal cooled to 20 dark matter mK to search for weakly interacting, massive particles dark matter (WIMPs) - proposed constituents of dark ma
  • Irvine Galaxy Formation and Dark Matter Group - Information about members and publications of a research cosmology group at the University of California, Irvine. Includes cosmology links to presentations concerned with galactic halos and cosmology cold dark matter.
  • Is Dark Matter Theory or Fact? - As part of Scientific American\\'s "Ask the Experts" series, dark matter physicists Rhett Herman of Radford University and Shane L. dark matter Larson of Montana State University give an accessible account of dark matter the evidence for dark matter.
  • CRESST - Homepage of the CRESST experiment (Cryogenic Rare Event astronomy Search with Superconducting Thermometers), a European collaboration to astronomy search for particle constituents of dark matter in astronomy the Gran Sasso laboratories.
  • The Mystery of Dark Matter - Video presentation about dark matter, with supplementary teacher\\'s cosmology guide and astronomy suggested student activities. Part of the cosmology outreach efforts of the astronomy Perimeter Institute for Theoretical cosmology Physics in Waterloo, Canada.
  • ZEPLIN-III - Homepage of a collaborative experiment that searches for dark matter constituents. Includes information about the experiment, the collaborators in the UK, Portugal, and Russia, and publications.
  • Found: Most of the Universe - Article by "bad astronomer" Phil Plait on the COSMOS survey astronomy that has mapped the distribution of dark matter in the astronomy cosmos. Published in Seed magazine.
  • UK Dark Matter Collaboration - Homepage of a UK-based collaboration that, from 1987 to 2007, cosmology operated a series of underground detectors in search of weakly cosmology interacting massive particles – candidate constituents of dark matter.
  • LSST Observatory - Homepage of the Large-aperture Synoptic Survey Telescope, a proposed 8.4 dark matter m, 7 square-degree field telescope. An important goal of the dark matter project is the creation of a detailed, three-dimensional map of dark matter the universe, which should yield detailed information abo
  • Primer on Dark Matter - Concise illustrated overview of the current status of astronomy dark matter. Some basic previous knowledge of astronomy astronomy is needed. By Mike Guidry (University of Tennessee, astronomy Knoxville).
  • Discussion about Dark Matter - Transcript of an on-air discussion between physicists Michio dark matter Kaku astronomy and Stuart Samuel on the subject of dark matter dark matter. astronomy Suitable for a general audience. Aired dark matter on WBAI\\'s astronomy "Explorations in Science" on dark matter December 3, 1997.
  • DAMA - Homepage of the DArk MAtter experiment, which uses low-activity scintillator dark matter to search for particle constituents of dark matter in the dark matter Gran Sasso laboratories. Includes information about the experiment itself, members dark matter of the collaboration, results, and pu
  • Dark Matter Mystery - Elementary introduction to dark matter, suitable for a general audience. The pages are part of the public outreach effort of the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, and hosted by Harvard University.
  • Experimental Searches for Dark Matter - Extensive review article about attempts to detect dark astronomy matter particles. cosmology Includes a summary of the observational astronomy evidence for dark matter, cosmology and accounts of the astronomy different principles of detection. By Timothy cosmology J. Sumner; astronomy published in "Living Reviews in Re
  • Dark Matter - Description of dark matter, its properties and consequences. Includes texts, dark matter plots, graphs and schematics. By Martin White (University of California, dark matter Berkeley).
  • Particle Dark Matter: Evidence, Candidates and Constraints - Review article on particle dark matter, with a cosmology focus on cosmology experimental searches. Suitable for graduate students cosmology or advanced undergraduates. By cosmology Gianfranco Bertone, Dan Hooper cosmology and Joseph Silk.
  • The Search for Dark Energy and Dark Matter - Video of a talk given by Stanford physicist Patricia Burchat at the 2008 TED conference.
  • What is Dark Matter? - One-page explanation of dark matter from the Usenet cosmology Physics FAQ, cosmology written by Scott I. Chase.
  • The Early History of Dark Matter - Article about the discovery of, and early research cosmology on, dark cosmology matter by Zwicky, Smith, Babcock and cosmology Oort in the 1930\\'s cosmology and 1940\\'s. By Sidney cosmology van den Bergh (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, cosmology Herzberg Institute cosmology of Astrophysics, National Research Council of C

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