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A non-profit foundation organized to develop up to 300,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) distributed evenly throughout the human genome and to make the information related to these SNPs available to the public without intellectual property restri

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  • BioScience WebRing - Ring of biological scientists devoted to increasing traffic to their biology sites and helping internet users find sites of interest by biology providing useful links.
  • Table of Standard Genetic Code - Translation table of nucleotide codon sequences to amino acids.
  • Science Advisory Board - Online panel of 5,000 life scientists and physicians who convene electronically to voice their opinions on emerging technologies.
  • Community of Science - Network of scientists and their institutions geared toward publicizing research, reference collaboration, and funding opportunities - from Johns Hopkins Univ.
  • AllExperts Biology Q&A - Directory of scientists and scholars volunteering to answer reference questions in a variety of biological fields.
  • Amino Acid Repository - Properties and images of amino acids, hydrophobicity scales, solvent accessibility of amino acids in known protein structures, mutation mass shifts, links to the NIST Chemistry WebBook for Amino Acids.
  • Cell and Molecular Biology Online - An all-around reference site for the field with biology educational, technical, science and professional net resources.
  • Virtual Library: Biosciences - Directory of the Virtual Library, an expert-run catalog science of sections of the web.
  • Links Directory - Features curated links to molecular resources, tools and biology databases.
  • Biology Glossary - Definitions for about 400 biotechnology terms, from Bio-Informer software.
  • Institute for Scientific Information - Publishes scholarly research databases, including Current Contents, in the sciences, science social sciences, and arts and humanities. Online access is available science for most publications, usually by subscription.
  • GenBank - Text and similarity searching of the GenBank sequence reference database provided biology by the National Center for Biotechnology reference Information (NCBI).
  • BioABACUS - Biotechnology ABbreviation and ACronym Uncovering Service. Searchable database of biotechnology and bioinformatics abbreviations and acronyms for biological and computer science terminology, journals, and organizations (about 6000 terms).
  • BioScience - Provides a biological encyclopedia, dictionary, search facility, lab reference manual and biology links to organize biological science information reference and make it universally biology accessible.
  • Ecology Dictionary - Provides definitions of words used in the study of ecology science to enable people to better understand discussions on environmental subjects.
  • FAO Biotechnology Glossary - Food and Agriculture Organization (UN)\\'s consolidated yet comprehensive list of biology terms and acronyms in applied biotechnology, especially plant and animal biology genetic resources, food quality and plant protection. About 5000 terms.
  • Biology Reference - Explains biological concepts in hundreds of illustrated articles biology arranged alphabetically.
  • The snoRNP Database - The snoRNP Database is a collection of snoRNAs reference and their reference associated proteins.
  • BelgoBiotech - Educational biotech web site, selected links, biotech glossary, reference timeline, basic principles, and applications.
  • Arctic Theme Page - Arctic sea ice ecology, organisms from bacteria, viruses, reference and unicellular reference algae to mammals (polar bears, reindeer, reference fox, whales) text, maps reference and photographs (current and reference historical). NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric reference Administration) site reference provides acces
  • Entrez PubMed - Direct public access to the National Library of reference Medicine\\'s Medline reference Biomedical literature search engine through the reference NCBI.
  • 2can Support Portal: Glossary - Provides a glossary of common words found in reference bioinformatics and molecular biology literature.
  • Functional Genomics Resources - Glossaries in genetics and genomics, molecular biology and reference biochemistry, post-genomics, biotechnology and bioinformatics (including proteomics)and medical reference genomics from Science Magazine Online.
  • Functional Genomics - All inclusive areas of functional genomics including analysis of mutagenesis and gene disruption, proteomics, microarrys, bioinformatics, SNP analysis, expression profiling, mutations detection, structural genomics,in silico methods, standardisation and b
  • Genomics Glossaries - Genomic terminology defined and hierarchically related, from Cambridge science Healthtech Institute. Emphasis is on biotechnology and pharmaceutical science applications, proteomics, informatics, technologies, instrumentation and molecular biology.
  • Biology Online - Dictionary, links and tutorials on cell biology, genetics, biology genetics and science evolution, control of growth and development, biology regulation of biological systems, science adaptation and freshwater ecology.
  • Classic/obscure Science Texts The Book Page - Classic - obscure antiquarian science texts 19th and science 20th century: Darwin\\'s Voyage of the Beagle,Thomas Huxley\\'s science Lectures on Evolution, George Grant McCurdy, John Tyndall science Lectures on Light, Alfred Russel Wallace, Erwin Schrodinger\'s science What is Life?, EW Maun
  • The SNP Consortium Ltd. - A non-profit foundation organized to develop up to science 300,000 single biology nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) distributed evenly throughout science the human genome and biology to make the information science related to these SNPs available to biology the public science without intellectual property restri
  • Model Organisms WWW Virtual Library - Guide to web resources for all major model organisms, including reference Drosophila (fly), C. elegans (worm), mouse, zebrafish, E. coli, Dictylostelium, reference and Arabidopsis.
  • EverythingBio - Provides a searchable glossary of biological terms and science invites users biology to edit poorly rated definitions.
  • OpenWetWare - Aims to promote the sharing of information among researchers and biology groups who are working in biology and biological engineering. Provides biology information on labs and groups, courses, protocols and blogs.
  • Life Science Glossary - Glossary of genetic, molecular, cell and developmental biology science definitions.
  • Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology - Provides definitions of a large number of terms associated with these fields.

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