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  • Combinatorial Chemistry Review - Provides a basic introduction to the field of organic combinatorial chemistry describing the development of major techniques organic and some applications.
  • CombiChem Lab - Reviews, links and news in combinatorial chemistry, high organic and ultra-high science throughput screening, and lab automation.
  • - Organic Chemistry - Information about the chemistry of carbon and life. Features lectures, notes, structures, and labs.
  • PROKSinfo - Provides information about scientific developments in the field of chemical science processes and substance modification and seeks cooperation with others working science in this field.
  • Organic Name Reactions - Schematic representation of about 140 organic name reactions science with references. Some of the schemes are animated.
  • Porphynet - Portal of porphyrins and related molecules.
  • Wikibooks - Organic Chemistry - A user contributed resource of basic concepts and chemistry ideas in organic organic chemistry.
  • Not Voodoo - "Demystifying synthetic organic laboratory technique": tips, traps, troubleshooting, science and techniques.
  • ACS Organic Division - The Division of Organic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. science Provides important information and announcements on the divisions activities and science member benefits.
  • - A site dedicated to helping students with organic chemistry by chemistry providing quick reference topics.
  • Combinatorial Chemistry Notes - Short descriptions of the history and methods used in combichem chemistry as well as events and related links.
  • ORGLIST Archive - Discussion list of nearly 500 organic chemists worldwide. chemistry Join this chemistry community or search their previous discussions chemistry by author, subject, date, chemistry or thread.
  • Chemical Structures and 3D Molecules - Molecule of the Month provides models and information organic on a chemistry large number of organic molecules.
  • Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Compounds - Course page including videotaped lectures and problem sets with solutions.
  • Classic Organic Reactions - A database of named and alphabetized organic reactions science with references.
  • Arkat Foundation - Free ARKIVOC online journal and online education in chemistry.
  • Orthogonal Glycosylation - Presentation of the orthogonal coupling chemistry. A concept, detailed report, and slides are provided.
  • Organic Chemistry Cram Sheet - Includes study tips, review and formula sheets.
  • Organic Chemistry Portal - Includes a searchable literature index, named reactions and protecting groups science as well as a chemical database.
  • Chirality and Odour Perception - Odor descriptions and molecular visualization of chiral flavor and fragrance organic chemicals.
  • Jamaican Themes for Lecture Material - The chemistry of Jamaican alumina, spices, coffee, rum, organic synfuel, marine natural products, and herbal remedies.

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