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New Zealand ranks among the most active seismic places on earth: earthquakes occur there frequently and continuously. Detailed information with images, references, links, and books to buy.

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  • Geomagnetism - Information from the British Geological Survey.
  • WEEK 3 SUMMARY: MOUNTAIN GEOGRAPHY - Lectures on Plate Tectonics by Mark W. Williams (University of earth sciences Colorado at Boulder).
  • Weldon Beauchamp - Tectonic Evolution of the Atlas Mountains, North Africa. earth sciences Research geology page with links to related resources.
  • Patrice Rey's Teaching Portfolio - Resources for students in geology and geophysics, including lectures notes, geology slide show and virtual field trips. Topics include structural geology, geology tectonics, and geology of granite.
  • This Dynamic Earth - View of the planet Earth from the USGS.
  • Tectonics - Tectonics contains original scientific contributions in analytical, geology synthetic, and integrative tectonics. Papers are restricted to geology the structure and evolution of the terrestrial geology lithosphere with dominant emphasis on the continents.
  • Plate Tectonics animation - Wonderful animations of Plate Tectonics movement. Including gif, tectonics avi and mov formats.
  • Applied Paleomagnetics, Inc. - Offering Paleomagnetic core orientation and paleomagnetic services including paleomagnetic fracture geology orientation, fracture studies in fractured reservoirs, and paleomagnetic orientation of geology in-situ stress.
  • Earth Floor: Plate Tectonics - Full and clear information about Plate Tectonics: Convergent Boundaries, Divergent geology Boundaries, Transform Boundaries.
  • Plate tectonics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Plate tectonics. Types of plate boundaries. Sources of tectonics plate motion.
  • PLATES Project - Plate model and database allow users to make reconstructions from geology 750 Ma to present. From the University of Texas Institute geology for Geophysics.
  • djburnette.com | Plate Tectonics and Climate - Plate Tectonics and Climate by Dorian J. Burnette.
  • GPS Time Series - Measurements made with the Global Positioning System are geology sensitive enough earth sciences to detect motion of the Earth\'s geology tectonic plates.
  • Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics - Diagrams of tectonics of The North Pacific and geology the West geology Coast of North America.
  • World Stress Map - Database containing information on the contemporary tectonic stress geology state (e.g. orientation and magnitude) in the Earth\\'s geology crust. Users can request customized stress maps for geology selected regions.
  • Plate Tectonic Reconstructions and Paleomagnetism - Web server for making on-line plate tectonic reconstructions. earth sciences Includes tectonics access to paleomagnetic data and analyses.
  • MARGINS Program - NSF funded program which tries to understand the tectonics complex interplay of processes that govern the evolution tectonics of continental margins by a multidisciplinary approach, including tectonics seismicity and subduction processes.
  • Puzzles Of The Earth - Teaches the theory of plate tectonics.
  • Tectonic Forces: by Robert Maurer - This is the origin and mechanics of the tectonics forces responsible earth sciences for tectonic plate movements.
  • natureandco.com - Tectonics and Earthquakes in New Zealand - New Zealand ranks among the most active seismic places on earth: earthquakes occur there frequently and continuously. Detailed information with images, references, links, and books to buy.
  • Plate Tectonics - This site provides useful information about tectonics: the tectonics origin of geology plate tectonics, indications of tectonic activity, tectonics age of the sea geology floor.
  • An Introduction to Plate Tectonics - Plates movements. The theories that scientists have used tectonics to explain these movements.
  • When the Earth Moves: Seafloor Spreading and Plate Tectonics - Describes how investigators pursuing basic questions in ocean geology and terrestrial science gradually arrived at an understanding geology of how the planet\'s crust works.
  • WebDoGS Plate Tectonics Reconstruction - A collection of web goodies on plate tectonics earth sciences reconstructions; geology links, research, animations, movies, and software.
  • Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Cocos-Nazca Spreading Center - This article is about Plate Tectonic Evolution written geology by Martin geology Meschede and Udo Barckhausen.[PDF]
  • Study of the Recent Structural Evolution of Continental Basins in Altai-Sayan - PhD thesis on the active tectonics of Northeast Altai in geology central Asia focusing on structural geology, paleostress analysis, seismics geology and radon gas geochemistry.
  • The Ground Beneath - Plate tectonics theory. Drifting continents. Plates on the tectonics move.
  • Peter Bird's programs for tectonic modeling - Tectonic modeling with finite elements: programs, publications, figures, earth sciences and geology abstracts by Peter Bird of UCLA

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