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This subcategory covers non-professional publications dedicated to paleontology (dinosaurs, ammonites, ...).

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See Also:
  • Nomen Nudum - Starting from number 26 issues of the newsletter of the magazines and e-zines Association of Australasian Palaeontologists are available as PDF files
  • Meganeura - International palaeoentomological (fossil insect) newsletter [5 issues available, paleontology no new issues after june 2000].
  • Newsletter of Micropalaeontology - The official wnewsletter of the British Micropalaeontological Society paleontology - TMS
  • Australopithecus - Magazine of the Southern African Society of Amateur Palaeontologists (Remark: paleontology No update after 2003).
  • Dino Land Gazette - Online newsletter devoted to late breaking news about dinosaurs and magazines and e-zines paleontology in general.
  • Fossil News - Magazine, online version of the paper-printed "Journal of paleontology Avocational Paleontology" for collectors, amateur paleontologists, and fossil paleontology enthusiasts.
  • Trilobite Tales - Monthly newsletter covering a variety of paleo subjects, published by magazines and e-zines Western Interior Paleontological Society.
  • Dinosaur News - The free, international Dinosaur webzine offering dinosaur and paleontology-related news publications articles
  • Dinosaur World Magazine - Magazine created by dinosaur sculptor and author Allen A. Debus publications and magazine publisher and dinosaur buff Gary R. Williams.

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