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Devoted to basic research in the fields of physics of atoms, molecules and plasma and solid state physics including surface science. Zagreb, Croatia.

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  • National Society of Black Physicists - NSBP is the largest and most recognizable organization devoted to the African-American physics community.
  • American Physical Society (APS) - information, member directory, and many links
  • Sigma Pi Sigma: The National Physics Honor Society - Exists to honor outstanding scholarship in physics; science to encourage interest in physics among science students at all levels; to promote science an attitude of service of its members science towards their fellow students, science colleagues, and the public; and to prov
  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine - AAPM homepage with a link to the journal science "Medical Physics".
  • Institute of Physics - Devoted to basic research in the fields of physics of physics atoms, molecules and plasma and solid state physics including surface physics science. Zagreb, Croatia.
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Physics - Sponsors international meetings and fosters the publication of science papers.
  • Polish Physical Society - Information on the statutes and members, as well physics as award physics winners of the society. Also physics contains links to other physics relevant sites.
  • European Physical Society - Includes an introduction, list of publications produced and science their editorial physics boards, information on conferences and membership, science and current activities.
  • American Center for Physics - A brief description of this facility. Includes science related links.
  • International Association of Mathematical Physics - The International Association of Mathematical Physics (IAMP) was founded in science 1976 in order to promote research in mathematical physics. science The Association invites mathematicians and physicists (including students) interested in science this goal to become members.
  • European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA) - Works for long-range planning of European high-energy facilities science - accelerators, associations large-scale facilities and equipment - science adequate for the conduct associations of a valid high-energy science research programme.
  • Split Physical Society, Croatia - Provides information on the society, its membership, aims, science divisions and science activities.
  • Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics - Intergovernmental organization, research areas at NORDITA include astrophysics, condensed matter physics and subatomic physics.
  • Institute of Physics (IOP) - Job news, journals, author and referee services, conference diary.
  • Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) - Nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of equipment and processes science for high volume production of coatings using vacuum based methods.
  • Central Michigan University Society of Physics Students - This is the home page of the Central Michigan University physics chapter of the Society of Physics Students. We are a physics group of physics students who try to spread the love physics of physics to everyone.
  • Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics - Includes details of seminars and conferences, lists of members of research groups, lists of publications.
  • Canadian Association of Physicists - The premier association for physicists living in Canada science (or who associations have any interest in physics)
  • International Research Group on Physics Teaching - Promotes adapting physics teaching to the present knowledge. associations Fosters physics friendly contacts between physics teachers and associations professors above national barriers physics at all levels of associations education.
  • The International Association of Physics Students (IAPS) - IAPS aims to build a network of contacts science between physics students from around the world, to science offer them a programme of events science and to support them in their academic and science professional work.
  • European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) - Brings together scientists and engineers involved in high physics pressure research.
  • Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics - Aims to foster the growth of advanced studies physics and research physics in developing countries. Includes a physics database of affiliated scientists, physics information on activities, and physics research activities.
  • Society of Physics Students (SPS) National Website - SPS programs, scholarships, publications, news, career and education science resources, science associations stories of note, physics games, simulations science and humor, and physics associations problems on the web.
  • The Egyptian Physicists Association (EPA) - A non-governmental and non-profit association of all those physics who have associations interest in physics in Egypt. Membership physics details and contact information.
  • Mindanao Physics Research Group - Temporary official website of Mindanao Physics Research Group, science a group science of individuals based in Mindanao, Philippines science who want to advance science physics research and instruction science in the Philippines.
  • International Liquid Crystal Society - Lists the membership, meetings, news and links to related sites.
  • American Institute of Physics - Gateway for news, jobs, and other physics resources. science AIP is a STM publisher science of research journals, proceedings and other scientific publications. science AIP provides services for scientific societies including membership science and subscription management.
  • National Insitute for Theoretical Physics (Australia) - The NITP serves the Australian physics community by acting as science an umbrella organisation for science Theoretical Physics in Australia.

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